Month: May 2018

Author Spotlight: T. Thorn Coyle’s magic and justice

Back in October 2017, I spent a week with some amazing professional writers and authors during a writing and publishing Business Master Class in Lincoln City, OR (also on the coast, just a bit north of Florence). Among the many wonderful folks I met, one who stands out the most is the radiant, brilliant, resilient, … Read More

Outpost Blog: Gmail Add-Ons That Will Boost Your Productivity

Like over a billion people, Gmail is one of my most vital tools. So when my editor at Outpost said they thought people could do with some tips and add-ons to help them use Gmail better, I was pretty excited not only to help people raise their Gmail game, but to raise my own too. … Read More

11 articles for one truth underlying the entire world

Holy. Moly. I’ve been tallying up my April writing, and I filed 11 articles last month. Or 14,214 words to be exact, which will be published online, in magazines, and in the local paper. On topics including health and success at work, craft beer in downtown Eugene, the remodel of a house, online collaboration tools, … Read More

Hygge: How to bring out your inner hobbit

As you likely know, I’m basically a hobbit. I’m short, have the occasional adventure, and at heart love a simple life, well-lived, in a warm, vibrant home that’s full of cooking, creativity, and closeness with those I love. That’s why the Danish concept of hygge (that’s “hue-guh”) is so essential to me and my family. … Read More

Barely breathing on the roof of the world

About 14 years ago, I was barely breathing on the roof of the world. I’d been on an indie traveler tour, overlanding through Tibet in Land Rovers, watching yaks, talking with people in their villages, and seeing a part of the world that, even today, is still a hard place to get to and get … Read More

How to have a 200-day writing streak

As of May 3, I’ve written every day for the last 200 days, averaging about 1,400 to 1,600 words per day. On May 3, 1,500 words in the outline for my next Rucksack Universe book put me over the hump. Writing takes many forms for me. Sometimes it’s outlines and drafting for fiction. Sometimes it’s … Read More

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