Author Spotlight: T. Thorn Coyle’s magic and justice

The awesome T. Thorn Coyle
The awesome T. Thorn Coyle

Back in October 2017, I spent a week with some amazing professional writers and authors during a writing and publishing Business Master Class in Lincoln City, OR (also on the coast, just a bit north of Florence).

Among the many wonderful folks I met, one who stands out the most is the radiant, brilliant, resilient, kind, and insightful T. Thorn Coyle, an author based in Portland. She creates stories of “magic, justice, and a world worth fighting for.”

She’s an author whose work and mission I believe in a great deal. Please check out her and her work on Patreon (and consider supporting her).

T. Thorn Coyle is creating stories of magic, justice, and a world worth fighting for. | Patreon

Thorn was also a recent guest on The Creative Penn Podcast, one of my must-listen podcasts. Check out the interview, and please tell people you know about Thorn and her work.

Thorn’s website

Thorn’s Patreon

Thorn’s Interview on The Creative Penn Podcast

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