LivePlan Blog: The Ultimate Guide to Collaboration With Your Business Partner

New article! When you’re working day-to-day with your business partners, how do you survive the ups and downs of collaboration? This was such a fun piece to work on. I got to examine the pros and cons of balancing collaboration with individual work, troubleshoot problems partners might face, and I got to talk with the … Read more

Book Pick: How to Hygge: Danish Secrets to Happy Living

As you know, I like to describe myself as a “hygge-loving hobbit.” The Danish concept of hygge (“hyoo-gah”) is essentially based around a cozy togetherness that gives respite from the stress and travails of life. I’ve read a few books on hygge of late, but Meik Wiking’s is my current favorite. From suggestions and insights … Read more

Rucksack Universe update: The Roving Fiddler

While at fiddle camp, I wasn’t working overall, but I continued to write every day. I also wanted to try out a slightly different project. I wanted to figure out a short story that might go with the fiddle camp, but also work in the Rucksack Universe. So I figured out a story about Aisling, … Read more

Tortilla face: Notes from fiddle camp

The mom from a neighboring camp site looked relieved to see us, but what she said next was no comfort. “Anthony! Connor’s in your tent, screaming!” I looked up from Aster’s violin case. Aster was packing up her violin after she had just finished a spot of jamming with her mama (and she even set … Read more