It’s here! The cover of Wander + pre-orders now available +

Yall’ve been so patient with me. It’s been two years since The Lotus and the Barley came out—the last book, it turns out, that I would write with a small child in a carrier on my back. And… I’m tearing up. Ahem. I now have a first-grader boy and a self-described “fixer girl.” But here … Read more

Outpost Blog: Follow Up Email Etiquette: Get a Response Without Being Annoying

Working on content for the Outpost Blog has been a great way to teach myself more about email and being productive. This piece in particular was something that I’m sure we can all find useful. After all, how often have we written an email… then wondered when we would ever hear back? Full story: Outpost … Read more

Patreon: Why I back Kristine Kathryn Rusch

Kristine Kathryn Rusch is creating nonfiction about writing, publishing, and business. She’s been a professional writer for decades, writes under different names in different fiction genres, and has a solid head for all the behind-the-scenes, inside-the-contract aspects of the writing and publishing business. She’s also the sort of writer a lot of writers can’t stand, … Read more

July 2018 writing report

By the numbers, during July I wrote 42,042 words. I wrote every day, which put my writing streak at 289 days in a row as of July 31. July’s scribbling puts me at 318,560 words for 2018—on track for 500,000 words for the year. Those 318,560 words include fiction, 7 article assignments, content work for … Read more

Oregon Beer Growler: Two New Breweries Bring Innovation to McMinnville and Beyond

In the heart of world-renown Willamette Valley wine country, two new breweries are doing some fascinating work with beer. Including one of the few breweries dedicated solely to brewing gluten-free beers. Evasion Brewing is focused on creating gluten-free beers that anyone can enjoy. Allegory Brewing is producing ales and lagers based on experimentation and adjuncts, … Read more

Cooking: Milk Street

As you know, I love to cook. Writing is my vocation—but cooking is my avocation. It’s my hobby. With all the intangible work that I do, I find that cooking grounds me, gives me a daily tangible that I can do. The past couple of years, I’ve also gotten hooked on a new cooking resource. … Read more

2 stories & 9 articles

It’s a busy, busy August at Rucksack HQ. As of when I’m writing this to you on Aug. 10, I’ve written over 15,000 words for the month of August. That’s including 2 articles. More scenes in the seventh Rucksack Universe book. A couple of characters I’m getting to know in my big story-behind-the-story story. A … Read more

LivePlan Blog: How Data Can Shape Your Marketing Strategy

Yes, I’m a work-at-home, stay-at-home unicorn homeschool dad. I also talk to C-suite execs and entrepreneurs on a regular basis. (I’m reminded of a story where someone once asked a business owner their most valuable asset. The owner answered, “my contact list.”) It was fascinating to talk with both the CTO of a global analytics … Read more

Watch Pick: Meru

Back in late May, my wife, Jodie was away at a conference. One day at the at the library I saw this DVD and could not resist. See, the concept of Mt. Meru is a physical and metaphorical mountain, depicted in some cultures as the center of the world. I’ve riffed on that idea in … Read more

Rucksack Universe update: Wander cover coming soon

In further exciting news, my cover designer had sent me mock-ups of what the Wander cover might look like. Chief Reader and I extensively reviewed and discussed the designs… and then I sent my designer the go-ahead. Stay tuned: Soon you’ll be among the first to see the cover for Wander, the next Rucksack Universe … Read more