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Back in late May, my wife, Jodie was away at a conference. One day at the at the library I saw this DVD and could not resist.

See, the concept of Mt. Meru is a physical and metaphorical mountain, depicted in some cultures as the center of the world. I’ve riffed on that idea in my stories. There’s a Yeats poem called Meru that I’m quite fond of.

The real Meru is in northern India. It’s a 21,000-foot Himalaya mountain shorter than Everest. Many have tried to reach its summit. However, it’s so hard to climb, no one ever had. In 2008, though, three renown climbers decided they were determined to be the first.

And then things went wrong.

Meru is a fascinating peek into the world of climbing. How intense it is. What can go wrong. How climbers work to get it right again. And how people look at the impossible and say, “You know what? I’ll give it a go.”

But… will they be the first to make it to the top?

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