Wander paperbacks on the way

A week ago, I was knee-deep in online proofs for Wander. I set up my books for paperback with 2 companies. As I’m writing this on Sept. 21, physical proof copies of Wander are on their way to me in Oregon. By the time this gets to you, I’ll probably be flipping through a paperback … Read more

Get WANDER, the next Rucksack Universe adventure

Things are trucking along well for Wander. Over the past few weeks, I’ve set up ISBNs, done some other behind-the-scenes things, and am about to set up and start getting print copies (squee!). Are you ready for the next Rucksack Universe adventure? Wander will be released in e-book and paperback on Oct. 19, 2018. However… … Read more

Back in the office + August 2018 writing report

  Between Labor Day in the US, back-to-school prep, a big family trip, and helping my wife move out of her former music studio space (a story best told over a malty beverage), the last couple of weeks have been relaxing, inspiring, and intense. My wife’s 20+ years remission—celebrating in Kauai For starters, Jodie, the … Read more

The key to Wander

You would not believe some of the conversations that happen between editors and authors. For a 264-page book, during the copy editing and proofing of Wander my editor and I went back and forth multiple times on about 250 words. At question? The first couple of pages of the very first scene. I had edited … Read more

The time and place of Wander

“Do you have a phone on you that I can use?” asked Wander. “Or maybe wifi?” “Phones have cords and wires and are in buildings,” said Awen, “and I’m nobody’s wife.” “Not wife. Wifi. Wireless. It’s for the internet.” “Enter what net? Are you supposed to be fishing?” “No… look, it’s 2018,” said Wander. “How … Read more

Honey, soup & soda: 3 new food articles

Part of what I love about living in Eugene, Oregon, is the number of dedicated folks who make amazing and tasty things. For the late-summer edition of Tastings, from local newspaper The Register-Guard, I got to visit a local honey producer, delve into the world of craft sodas that craft breweries make, and cool off … Read more