Over 500 writing days! February 2019 writing report (plus an update on our busted little yellow car)

By the numbers, during February I wrote 40,040 words, at an average of 1,068 words per day. I wrote every day, which put my writing streak at… Dum-dah-dah-dum… 501 days in a row as of Feb. 28! I cracked the big 5-0-0! February’s scribbling puts me at 82,583 words for 2019—on track for 500,000 words … Read more

50% off sale Rucksack Universe during Read an Ebook Week

I read my first ebooks in 2012, on an app on my iPod Touch. I was immediately taken—especially given the circumstances. My son was a few months old and having a cranky, cranky night. I spent a good hour or two with him in a carrier on my back, while I walked all over a … Read more

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