50% off sale Rucksack Universe during Read an Ebook Week

I read my first ebooks in 2012, on an app on my iPod Touch. I was immediately taken—especially given the circumstances.

My son was a few months old and having a cranky, cranky night. I spent a good hour or two with him in a carrier on my back, while I walked all over a hotel. While giving him some much-needed dad time and my wife a much-needed baby break, I also got to do some serious reading. I’ve been smitten with ebooks ever since.

Ebooks also helped me get my start as an author. That’s why I love being part of Read an Ebook Week from Smashwords.

Now through Mar. 9, the entire Rucksack Universe is 50% off, along with great deals on loads of other great reads. 

Get 50% off Rucksack Universe ebooks

If you’ve been wanting a good excuse to try ebooks, here it is. If you’ve been wanting to top up your reader with more amazing books, you are about to be all sorts of all set. If there’s someone you’ve been wanting to tell about the Rucksack Universe, now is a great time. Thanks for spreading the word!

What do you like about ebooks?

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