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A Breakdown of Southeast Asian and Pacific Island Herbs and Spices

Many of Southeast Asia’s flavors—from ginger to Thai basil—have inspired the menus of our favorite takeout spots but countless more herbs and spices await discovery at your next office lunch. Use this list to help inform and guide you toward an exotic and exciting lunch selection. Without further ado, here are seven Southeast Asian and … Read More

Create a Better Workplace with Food

New on the ZeroCater blog: The challenges of the modern workplace—recruiting employees, decreasing turnover, improving communication and collaboration, and fostering culture to name just a few—never end. Yet one simple essential can improve each: food. Whether you’re hiring, brainstorming, welcoming new team members, or simply adding motivation to a regular day, here are six ways … Read More

Brighten Up Winter with Citrus

New article on ZeroCater Citrus fruits are like edible sunshine. During winter months the skins, juices, and tangy flesh of lemons, oranges, limes, and grapefruits brighten gray days with flavor, color, and vibrancy. In addition to their many culinary benefits, citrus fruits also provide a range of health benefits that will have you reaching for … Read More

November 2015 Craft Beer Articles

Thirsty for craft beer news, especially the scene around western Oregon? Here are some of my articles for November 2015: Lane Monthly Magazine Filling the Festival Void – Lane Monthly McKenzie Cider & Craft Beer celebrates its fourth festival! On Nov. 13–14, over 5,000 people will enjoy 190 beers and ciders at the McKenzie Cider … Read More

The Remindful Guinness

It’s been years since I last drank a Guinness, in part because I never liked drinking them outside of Ireland. But the other night, as, ahem, research for my Rucksack Universe stories, my wife and I split a bottle of Guinness. It reignited not only my love of stout overall, but my particular appreciation for … Read More

Pulling No Pairing Punches: New Craft Beer Cookbook Article

Craft beer and good home cooking, eh? That’s right. My latest article in the Register-Guard’s Tastings section is all about craft beer as both an ingredient and an accompaniment to any good meal: The multi-course menu has been planned and cooked to perfection, the table arranged just so. Yet the stage for this perfect dinner … Read More

Bring the Pub to Your Kitchen with The American Craft Beer Cookbook

Available Now: The American Craft Beer Cookbook: 155 Recipes from Your Favorite Brewpubs and Breweries What would it be like to get booed at your own book launch party? That’s what happened to John Holl, long-time beer journalist and author of The American Craft Beer Cookbook: 155 Recipes from Your Favorite Brewpubs and Breweries. At … Read More

Eugene Brewing District: 2 New Craft Beer & Food Articles

In Eugene’s Whiteaker and Jefferson Westside neighborhoods, there’s nothing like the new sounds of glasses clinking and meats sizzling, and the scents of bread baking and beer brewing. Here are 2 new pieces by me on Eugene craft beer and food in our ever-growing Eugene Brewing District: Pour, cure and bake – Tastings – The … Read More

The Art of Fresh Pasta

I’ve got a new story in the latest issue of Tastings, from The Register-Guard. Awesome photos too from Collin Andrew! “For more than 30 years, the owners of Eugene-based Pasta Plus have created from-scratch pasta and pesto for restaurants and home cooks from Ashland to Portland.” Full Story: The art of fresh pasta – Register-Guard, Tastings … Read More

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