Eugene Craft Beer: KLCC Microbrew Festival, Feb. 8-9

2 days. 57 breweries. 100+ craft beers Tasting Event Benefits KLCC The KLCC Brew Fest is a long-standing friend of craft beer, and a favorite craft beer festival for Eugene. The taps open up again Feb. 8-9 at the Lane Events Center, with proceeds benefiting our local NPR affiliate, KLCC. This year’s brewery lineup includes … Read More

Homebrew: Ignore the instructions

It seemed so simple. I bottled half my brown ale straight-up (which turned out fine). I bottled the other half with hazelnut extract added to the bottling bucket. What I thought would be a passable cousin for Rogue’s Hazelnut Brown Nectar, wound up being 2.5 gallons of smelly nut juice. Many things in brewing work … Read More

Hops harvest 2012

Hops. Oh bitter cones that give bite to balance malt, oh crazy-arse vines that grow so quickly they could be a Hitchcock movie! Third harvest This year marked the fourth year our Sterling hops have been in the ground, and the third harvest. Granted, our 2010 hops harvest yielded 12 cones, but it was a … Read More

Homebrew: Lovntheyarden Brown Wheat Ale

You’d think I’d remember to take pictures of my homebrew I used to better about it, that’s for sure. Then again, when homebrewing meets parenting, I can live with forgetting to take some pictures of this latest batch. As this beer was brewed with a fair bit of coriander seed, this photo of some coriander … Read More

Homebrew: Majic Apricot Pale Ale 2012

Apricot homebrew all the time It’s no secret that our Majic Apricot Pale Ale is one of our favorite homebrews. Based on Magic Hat #9 from out of Vermont, Jodie and I never get enough of the fruit-meets-hops that makes this pale ale a refreshing anytime beer. The first batch from 2009 is a still-fond … Read More

Homebrew: Jet Scharzweiss Ale

To brew a dark wheat beer Every year for Jodie’s birthday, she gets a 5-gallon batch of beer. After last year’s saison, her request this year was simple… but not: a beer dark in color, but light in flavor. Our discussions led us to a simple beer, no official style, but a fun variant: make … Read More

Fizzy on demand: How a Sodastream adds sparkling fun to the kitchen

The cravings began when my wife was pregnant with our son. With her coffee intake reduced, beer and wine off the table, and us not being big soda drinkers, she was left with water, juice, tea… and sparkling water. She began to crave sparkling water. Suddenly, every trip to the grocery store meant coming home … Read More

2nd Annual Eugene Beer Week, May 7-13

Latest word on the 2nd annual Eugene Beer Week… A week of craft beer events all over Eugene & Springfield Eugene hosts its 2nd annual Beer Week May 7-13. Eugene Beer Week celebrates craft beer culture in the Willamette Valley. Events from beer releases to brewer dinners are in the works. Venues and breweries include… … Read More

Homebrew: Connor Porter 2011

Baby needs a beer. Or, rather, the birth of my and Jodie’s first child merited a homebrew to commemorate bringing our first wee kiddo into the world. When thinking about what to brew before baby arrived, I thought too about going back to my roots, so to speak. I wanted to brew again the very … Read More

The undrunk homebrew: Saison update

My wife always gets a batch of homebrew as a birthday gift. Last year’s saison, however, remained undrunk. That’s what happens when the day before your birthday, you find out you’re pregnant. Hidden under a blanket next to the fridge, boxes of Joie de Vivre Saison spent most of 2011 quietly aging. No more. Now … Read More

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