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Jodie and I are proud homebrewers, and like the author below, part of why I like it is very simple – Homebrew is better because each time it's different. Not only is it different, but you have far more liberty to try different styles. In addition to drinking, homebrew makes great (and great-tasting) gifts. In … Read More

Fall Harvest

Sunday, Sept. 21 began autumn here at home. The weather took notice too, with a cloudy sky and intermittent periods of rain and sunshine. We spent the day harvesting our garden, transitioning garden and kitchen from summer to autumn fare, and even bottling some beer. First off, we raided the garden. Last year we began … Read More

Sasquatch Brew Fest in Downtown Eugene, June 7

For some reason, I’ve never made it to the Sasquatch Brew Fest. But this year, I do believe, that has to change. Just think of it — downtown on a June day (which here, well, might or might not be nice, you never know), and nothing to do but hang and sample some fine Oregon … Read More

Irish- and American-style Red Ales

This afternoon I hit up the Home Fermenter Center for some ingredients for a tasty Red Ale. In preparation, I’ve been going over my homebrewing book, The Complete Joy of Homebrewing Third Edition (Harperresource Book) and hitting up the web for some info on this style of ale. Hmm, though perhaps Jodie and I should … Read More

How to siphon homebrew

A good reference for the Meyers-St.Clair-Danenberg homebrewing company: Link: Siphoning The Homebrew. The trick to getting beer from one vessel to another without mixing air into it is by siphoning it. There are many techniques for starting a siphon, but we prefer to avoid making contact with the tube with our mouth, as this could … Read More

What makes Oregon mean what it means to me?

One of my best friends is coming to visit this weekend. When asking him what he wanted to do while he was here, he replied, "I want to see all the things that make Oregon mean what it mean to you." So I’ve been pondering that, and here’s just a few thoughts: Composting isn’t a … Read More

Drywall, homebrew & brekky Sunday

Lazy, rainy Sunday morning. Coffee is on, as is a big pot of water. My friend Jon and I have gotten into homebrewing lately, and this morning we’re tackling a Northwest Mocha Porter recipe, that we got from the great folks down at Valley Vintner & Brew (1699 Willamette St. Eugene, 541-484-3322). We’ll shortly be … Read More

KLCC Brewfest 2006

Q: Where can you find brewers from Alaska to California, and various other bits of the West, all in one place? A: The beer aisle of the Willamette PC Market of Choice. Other Answer: Er, well, yes, that’s one answer, but another is the annual KLCC Brewfest. Brewers from all over the West will offer … Read More

Pizza Research Institute

With both me and Jodie victorious in our novel-written-in-a-month madness, we are getting a bigass pizza from Eugene’s Pizza Research Institute tonight. Here is what the Eugene Weekly’s Chow has to say about them: Chow! : Eugene Weekly’s Restaurant Guide – Pizza "PIZZA RESEARCH INSTITUTE 1328 Lawrence St. 343-1307. Northwest artisan pizza. Unique toppings, specialty … Read More

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