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Rucksack Universe update: Wander nearly ready, new manuscript underway

Last week I did something I’m so excited to tell you about.

I signed off on the copy-edited manuscript of Wander.

Yup. That’s right. My copy editor and I had some final discussion about a few points, I made some last tweaks and polishes, then told him we were good to go.

What’s next? I’m giving the manuscript one final pass, then I’ll send Wander back to my editor for proofreading. He’ll make sure everything is spelled right/consistently, things are dotted and crossed the way they should be, line breaks and chapter breaks are good, all that sort of technical stuff.

Once I’ve processed his proofing, the manuscript will be locked. That means no changes (unless I find some wayward typo). No rewriting. No second-guessing.

No touch booky.

From there, Wander will go into publication mode, being prepped for e-book formats and paperback.

What does all this behind-the-scenes author/publisher geek-out stuff mean for you?

It means that I’ll shortly be telling you the release date for Wander.

Get ready!

P.S.: Over the weekend I also started drafting the next Rucksack Universe book, codenamed Wet. I’m a couple of scenes in so far. I’ll keep you posted.

Video: Where do book ideas come from?

On Mon., June 4, 2018, I had the fun honor of sitting in for a YouTube Live author chat, hosted at Eugene local bookstore Tsunami Books. Write Now is a weekly live discussion with three writers: Joanna Bartlett, Valerie Ihsan, and Julie Dawn. Joanna was out of town, and they graciously asked if I would sit in (though I must say, I knew there was no way I could replace Joanna’s Nigella Lawson-ish tones).

At the heart of our discussion was a simple question: Where do book ideas come from? Do we have to search them out? Is it a matter of paying attention to the wider world? Can you run with multiple ideas at the same time? And how do you go from initial idea to a fully developed piece of writing?

Check out our discussion. Please leave your thoughts in the comments, and subscribe so you don’t miss future Write Now chats.

Eugene Beer Week, June 4–10

Over 50 events from over a dozen Eugene/Springfield breweries. Along with the local craft beer scene, Eugene Beer Week has grown so much over the past few years. If you are in the area, or just want an example of what an awesome local, small business-minded, life-loving culture looks like, Eugene Beer Week is a great snapshot.

Eugene Beer Week events

The Register Guard: Manifest Beer Co.: Downtown brewpub with hometown zeal

I’ve been following Manifest through all its ups and downs over the years, from its original incarnation, to two tumultuous moves to, finally, landing in a sweet space in downtown Eugene.

The beers are excellent, and the location is awesome. I’m hoping it’s a sign of good things ahead not just for Manifest, but downtown Eugene overall. This was such a fun article to work on, and I hope you like it too.

Full story

Author Spotlight: T. Thorn Coyle’s magic and justice

The awesome T. Thorn Coyle

The awesome T. Thorn Coyle

Back in October 2017, I spent a week with some amazing professional writers and authors during a writing and publishing Business Master Class in Lincoln City, OR (also on the coast, just a bit north of Florence).

Among the many wonderful folks I met, one who stands out the most is the radiant, brilliant, resilient, kind, and insightful T. Thorn Coyle, an author based in Portland. She creates stories of “magic, justice, and a world worth fighting for.”

She’s an author whose work and mission I believe in a great deal. Please check out her and her work on Patreon (and consider supporting her).

T. Thorn Coyle is creating stories of magic, justice, and a world worth fighting for. | Patreon

Thorn was also a recent guest on The Creative Penn Podcast, one of my must-listen podcasts. Check out the interview, and please tell people you know about Thorn and her work.

Thorn’s website

Thorn’s Patreon

Thorn’s Interview on The Creative Penn Podcast

Eugene Magazine: Two days in Florence

Florence, OR

One thing I love about living in Eugene is that you are about an hour from the Cascade Mountains to the east, and an hour from the Pacific Ocean to the west. Florence, OR, is a nice spot for a weekend getaway to the coast, and I had a lot of fun breaking down some things to do and see while there for the Spring 2018 issue of Eugene Magazine.

Full story

ZeroCater Blog: Far From Eggs & Bacon: Meet the Japanese-Style Breakfast

When my wife, son, and I went to Japan in 2013, a Japanese breakfast was something we always looked forward to. So when ZeroCater said they needed a blog post Japanese breakfasts, well, let’s just say I was hungry for the piece.

Full story

11 articles for one truth underlying the entire world

Holy. Moly. I’ve been tallying up my April writing, and I filed 11 articles last month. Or 14,214 words to be exact, which will be published online, in magazines, and in the local paper. On topics including health and success at work, craft beer in downtown Eugene, the remodel of a house, online collaboration tools, barbecue sauce styles, and gin.

Yet all these disparate topics share a common truth.

Underlying each of these stories are fascinating people, living their lives in a direction where they are trying to bring something of value to the world. I’ve written and published around 300 articles now.

Not once—not one single time—have I spoken to someone who is just trudging through the day.

The people I speak with, who are doing things that someone has decided the broader world needs to know about, are people who care deeply not just about the product or service they are bringing to the world.

Nope. It goes so much deeper than that.

These people care immensely about the benefit that what they do brings about. When I speak to brewers, for example, yes, they take great pride in the science, art, and craft that goes into every batch of beer. But they always come back to how they see pubs and breweries as having vital roles in bringing people together, and being part of the glue bonding a community.

When I speak with someone who is behind some sort of tool or service, the underlying theme always goes back to bringing some sort of good to people’s lives. That can range from having to spend less time on a task, to opening up a range of easier collaboration that hadn’t been possible before.

You’ve probably heard me say that my job as a writer isn’t actually to write the story. It’s to talk with the most fascinating people in the world.

And that leads us to the underlying truth behind every article I write, the truth that underlies the entire world:

Good people doing good things for a broader good is what makes the world not just survive, but thrive.

This belief fires me up every morning. For all the flaws and terrors of our world, I believe deeply that the value of our world, ourselves, and our societies comes from our ability to see beyond the simple act of what we do, to the broader meaning that what we do makes possible and tangible.

Understanding what others do also drives me to constantly think about the value I bring to the world too. I rarely know the impact one of my articles or books has. But I know that in each one, I go to the page with the hope that I am increasing that bit of good in the world, both for myself and for others.

Ultimately, though, whether in my articles, my fiction, or my content work for clients, I always think about how that content and those stories can help someone else find a fuller life, live their best self, and pursue the dream they believe best that they can bring to life.

And that truth is behind far more than 11 articles. It’s woven into our world. Into our days. And into you.

Hygge: How to bring out your inner hobbit

As you likely know, I’m basically a hobbit. I’m short, have the occasional adventure, and at heart love a simple life, well-lived, in a warm, vibrant home that’s full of cooking, creativity, and closeness with those I love.

That’s why the Danish concept of hygge (that’s “hue-guh”) is so essential to me and my family. We are all about everyday contentment and coziness in our home, in our lives, and with each other.

This year I’ve been learning more about hygge and how else to work the concept into our lives. I recently finished Louisa Thomsen Brits’s The Book of Hygge: The Danish Art of Contentment, Comfort, and Connection, and found it a good approach for understanding the facets of hygge and feeling inspired to find ways to have hygge in everyday life.

If you are looking to slow down and appreciate your moments and those you care for most, it’s a wonderful read. Best enjoyed, of course, under a blanket in your fave reading spot, with your choice of beverage nearby.

May Oregon Beer Growler

Oregon Beer Growler, May 2018

The May issue of the Oregon Beer Growler is out! The full issue is available in print and digital, and you can also find many articles online.

For my story in this issue, a Eugene brewery has had lots of twists and turns, but now seems to have found a good location for their excellent beer: Third Time’s the Charm for Manifest Beer.

This story is really fascinating: North of Eugene, Oregon’s capitol of Salem has a new brewery that’s inspired by Central America. I’m looking forward to learning more about Xicha Brewing (that’s “chee-chah”): Easy-to-Like Latin Flavors, Hard to Pronounce.

Check out the Oregon Beer Growler


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