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Screw Guinness: 17 St. Patrick’s Day stouts you should drink instead

Ah, St. Patrick’s Day. Ah, Guinness. For many of us, especially in the U.S., the one automatically means the other. But should it? Here’s a simple 1-question quiz for whether or not you should drink Guinness on St. Patrick’s Day: Are you in Ireland? Yes or no? If you answered yes, then by arse y’ … Read More

The Stories: New travel fantasy book coming 2012

One day while getting ready for a trip to India in 2003, I had an idea about an ultimate traveler who became much more than just another globetrotter. That story is the focus of my debut novel, coming this year: MY FRIEND JAY (working title) Jay has traveled the world, but he’s never had an … Read More

Going back to Clifden, Ireland

At least, one of my characters is. For me, I spent a few wonderful days in Clifden in 2000. (Turns out a couple of my old BootsnAll write-ups about that time are still out there, too: Ireland on a Working Visa #18 | BootsnAll Travel Articles – “The Eighth Wonder of the World: Clifden, Part … Read More

What is the Rucksack Universe?

Many moons ago (also known as 2003), I was between lives: working at home, traveling abroad, repeat. Much was in flux. Much is a blur. But I know one thing for certain. The Rucksack Universe was born on an early-morning bike commute, when the idea for a fantastically realistic novel about a globetrotting traveler blazed … Read More

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