Powells Essay Contest Winner Announced

Congratulations Paige Sechler, winner of the Powell’s Decade of Reading Essay Contest. Paige’s essay – Never Shall I Forget Each year, I teach an inter-disciplinary unit focusing on the Holocaust. Elie Wiesel’s Night is the centerpiece of the unit. From a literary standpoint, Wiesel’s words possess power; as a survivor, the story he tells carries … Read more

The hook project

First lines are like first impressions — they mean everything. Within the first line or paragraph of a book — a page if the author’s lucky or you’re feeling patient — you decide whether or not to bother. Bother with this collection of first lines: Openinghooks.us Opening Hooks, the hook project?welcome Featured in Yahoo! Picks … Read more

You can’t win them all…

…And sometimes you don’t even make the finals. Today was announcement day for the finalists in the Powell’s Decade of Reading Essay Contest. I didn’t make the cut, but there are 25 souls who did. If you’d like to read their work and vote on who you think deserves to win $1,000 in books, head … Read more


What an awesome word. Say it a couple of times — it’s rare that a word rolls of the tongue so smoothly. “Tat-uhr-dih-MAYL-yuhn” Dictionary.com/Word of the Day: tatterdemalion Into RSS? Get a word of the day, every day, with this feed Wondering what RSS is? Get Pluck and find out.

What is quoting and what is copying?

What is quoting and what is copying? Further to Put your links where your criticisms are, the above Webmaster World discussion gives good insights on fair use vs. infringement: “a rule of thumb is excerpts can be used as long as it is a small percentage of the overall article, and doesn’t consist of the … Read more

Nick Usborne’s latest riff on long copy sales letters

The trick? To gab like good conversation, and say something that both talks with your reader/ customer, and at the same time seems like you’re listening to what’s going on in their head — and somehow putting it on a page before they even knew they were thinking it.

My First Essay Contest – Powell’s Books

Powells.com – Celebrating 10 Years Online – A Decade of Reading Essay Contest (Aug 31 deadline has already passed) Uh-DUH “Should I give it a go?” I asked my girlfriend. “Uh, DUH!” she replied. Well, that settled that. Finalists Announced Sept. 25 My essay on “most memorable reading experience of the last ten years” is … Read more