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May News for Rucksack Universe Fantasy Books: Lotus, Roadsong & Wet

April was a recharging month. With the rough draft of Lotus stuck in a virtual desk drawer for a few weeks, I devoted extra attention to some other articles, Rucksack Universe ideas, and other things for my writing and publishing business. It was really refreshing. Lotus. But now it’s May, and that means it’s time … Read More

Teaser Tuesday: What is the secret?

You know what sucks? When it’s 20ºF on a Sunday evening—and your heat goes kaput. We heat our home with a pellet stove. It’s awesome and pumps out a lot of heat. That is, until it makes clunky noises and stops working. Also sucky? When your service guys are so swamped they can’t even get … Read More

Teaser Tuesday: How to Transform Sunshine into Joy

Yesterday I loaded pages into a purple folder and delivered the first half of Act I to my Chief Reader. Lotus is cranking along! As I dig in to the last few scenes of the first act, I’ll do my best to share things that aren’t too spoilery 🙂 Here’s a teaser from the past … Read More

Teaser Tuesday: Always Timeless. Always London!

What a week! Drafting is still off to a strong start, and I’m well underway on the latest Rucksack Universe travel fantasy story. Major characters are being introduced. We’re getting a sense of where we are. We seem on the cusp of major events… but there’s still much to find out about what’s going on. … Read More

Teaser Tuesday: Book 4 is underway!

3 travel fantasy books are out. My wife and I are days away from meeting our second baby. So what am I doing now? Starting the fourth Rucksack Universe book! Technically I’ve been working on it since August, when I first started outlining the story. I recently finished meeting the characters and planning the book—so … Read More

“Working on these stories is like one lifelong trip” – New Author Interview

Writer Morgen Bailey has posted her author interview with me: “When he landed in Edinburgh, Scotland, Anthony St. Clair thought his first international trip was merely a semester abroad during his senior year of college. But in the midst of learning what a hostel is, drinking good beer for the first time in his life, … Read More

New Interview! Two Ends of the Pen

The wonderful folks at Two Ends of the Pen just posted their interview with me. We talk about Forever the Road, my writing and editing process, Home Sweet Road, why I’m an indie author, life, hobbies, and a lot more: Did you hire an editor to review your manuscript before publishing? Egads, yes. I’m just … Read More


Last night at East Coast midnight, this pre-order e-book showed up on my Kindle. Oh hell yes. After years of work and 100 days to forever, my third book, Forever the Road, is available now in e-book and paperback. You can get Forever the Road wherever books or e-books are sold. Here are a few … Read More

Tomorrow is Forever – 100 Days to Forever

Day 100 One last deep breath before the book release plunge. See you tomorrow, everyone. From the Book “You are just an ordinary person but one who loves the world and its roads and ways with all his heart. Love and power usually do best with those who don’t seek them out but instead accept … Read More

T-Minus: Monday is LAUNCH DAY – 100 Days to Forever

Day 99: Forever is almost here So here we are. 99 days ago, we started our countdown to forever. And now, forever is almost here. On Monday, Sept. 8, Forever the Road is available everywhere. Behind the scenes, I’m taking care of final details, talking with folks, and fist-pumping with every email. It’s been an … Read More

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