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Honey, soup & soda: 3 new food articles

Part of what I love about living in Eugene, Oregon, is the number of dedicated folks who make amazing and tasty things. For the late-summer edition of Tastings, from local newspaper The Register-Guard, I got to visit a local honey producer, delve into the world of craft sodas that craft breweries make, and cool off with the ins and outs of chilled soups (and why you don’t call them cold).

Honey: The Queen’s Bounty honeys are pure Oregon gold

Soup: Slurp soup to beat heat?

Soda: Eugene brewers add fizz-ness to their business


Outpost Blog: Follow Up Email Etiquette: Get a Response Without Being Annoying

New business article: Outpost Blog: Follow Up Email Etiquette: Get a Response Without Being Annoying

Working on content for the Outpost Blog has been a great way to teach myself more about email and being productive. This piece in particular was something that I’m sure we can all find useful. After all, how often have we written an email… then wondered when we would ever hear back?

Full story: Outpost Blog: Follow Up Email Etiquette: Get a Response Without Being Annoying


LivePlan Blog: How Data Can Shape Your Marketing Strategy

LivePlan Blog: How Data Can Shape Your Marketing Strategy

Yes, I’m a work-at-home, stay-at-home unicorn homeschool dad. I also talk to C-suite execs and entrepreneurs on a regular basis.

(I’m reminded of a story where someone once asked a business owner their most valuable asset. The owner answered, “my contact list.”)

It was fascinating to talk with both the CTO of a global analytics firm, and the founder of a new coffee enterprise here in Eugene.

The end result?

A better understanding of how even today’s small businesses can leverage data to improve their revenue, marketing, and operations.


LivePlan Blog: How Data Can Shape Your Marketing Strategy

Using data in your business can seem like such a complicated, convoluted, expensive thing. But nowadays, it doesn’t have to be. I had a lovely chat with Baskar Manivannan of VenueLytics, and Mark Sheppard, co-founder of Slightly Coffee in Eugene. Together, they share advice and tips for how businesses of any size can put today’s data tools to use in their operations.

Full story


LivePlan Blog: The Ultimate Guide to Collaboration With Your Business Partner

New article! When you’re working day-to-day with your business partners, how do you survive the ups and downs of collaboration? This was such a fun piece to work on. I got to examine the pros and cons of balancing collaboration with individual work, troubleshoot problems partners might face, and I got to talk with the insightful Beth L. Buelow, coach, author, blogger, and podcast host behind The Introvert Entrepreneur.

Full story


The Register Guard: Manifest Beer Co.: Downtown brewpub with hometown zeal

I’ve been following Manifest through all its ups and downs over the years, from its original incarnation, to two tumultuous moves to, finally, landing in a sweet space in downtown Eugene.

The beers are excellent, and the location is awesome. I’m hoping it’s a sign of good things ahead not just for Manifest, but downtown Eugene overall. This was such a fun article to work on, and I hope you like it too.

Full story


Eugene Magazine: Two days in Florence

Florence, OR

One thing I love about living in Eugene is that you are about an hour from the Cascade Mountains to the east, and an hour from the Pacific Ocean to the west. Florence, OR, is a nice spot for a weekend getaway to the coast, and I had a lot of fun breaking down some things to do and see while there for the Spring 2018 issue of Eugene Magazine.

Full story


May Oregon Beer Growler

Oregon Beer Growler, May 2018

The May issue of the Oregon Beer Growler is out! The full issue is available in print and digital, and you can also find many articles online.

For my story in this issue, a Eugene brewery has had lots of twists and turns, but now seems to have found a good location for their excellent beer: Third Time’s the Charm for Manifest Beer.

This story is really fascinating: North of Eugene, Oregon’s capitol of Salem has a new brewery that’s inspired by Central America. I’m looking forward to learning more about Xicha Brewing (that’s “chee-chah”): Easy-to-Like Latin Flavors, Hard to Pronounce.

Check out the Oregon Beer Growler


Mite vs. Mite: Controlling Hop Pests Sustainably

Mite vs. Mite: Controlling Hop Pests Sustainably - Oregon Beer Growler

In the Oregon Beer Growler: Bugs protect a key beer ingredient.

Hop growers battle pests every year to bring a healthy hop crop to market, but a Netherlands-based firm believes bugs can be more effective than chemicals in controlling them.

A 2017 trial in Independence, OR, used beneficial arachnids to control two aggressive hop pests. Results are encouraging and could bring more sustainable solutions to Northwest hop farms.

Full story


Create a Better Workplace with Food

Create a better workplace with food - ZeroCater

New on the ZeroCater blog: The challenges of the modern workplace—recruiting employees, decreasing turnover, improving communication and collaboration, and fostering culture to name just a few—never end. Yet one simple essential can improve each: food.

Whether you’re hiring, brainstorming, welcoming new team members, or simply adding motivation to a regular day, here are six ways food can create a better workplace with more engaged, productive employees.

Full story



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