Map of Wanderers: Welcome new patron!

I get to add a new pin to my Map of Wanderers today! Which is always exciting. Thank you Randy B., Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, for being a patron. Watch for video for more! If you’re not sure what Patreon is, it’s a great way to support creative work on a continuing basis. You can check … Read more

What to do when your kids ask you to join their dance party

“Daddy!” asked my 5yo and 2yo, “will you join our dance party?” I’d been in the midst of a big morning, writing, revising, and filing an article, while also moving pieces for some upcoming assignments. I’d planned the week, checked the finances, and all this after, I confess, having stayed up a tad too late … Read more

5 years

5 years. 5 years ago in 2011—and after lots of husband-and-wife planning and deliberating—I resigned from my old job and became a full-time author and professional writer. I’ve now been in business for myself for 5 years. I’ve published 4 books and dozens of articles, as well as helped various organizations with their content goals. … Read more