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Oakshire Brewing

Oakshire BrewingNew beers. Expansions. Events. For today’s craft brewery, the beer never stops pouring, and there is always something new to tell customers about. Founded in 2006, Eugene-based Oakshire Brewing had a company blog and maintained presences on Twitter and Facebook. However, the company was entering a new phase of growth, and they wanted to be sure that their online marketing was keeping pace.

I focused first on Oakshire’s social media presences. By increasing social media posting and bringing new content to the company blog, we increased customer engagement and appealed to new customers. Behind the scenes I also worked closely with the brewery’s internal team, developing templates and guidelines that they could use not only to guide operations, but that they could scale up as their business continued to grow and change.

Oakshire continues to be a major player in the Oregon craft beer scene. Combined with their blog and social media presences, they now have a guiding strategy and foundation on which they can continue to find new customers and engage their devoted fans.


Project Dates: 2012

Client Comments

“Anthony laid a foundation that Oakshire could build on for our next phase of website and social media marketing. His recommendations for best practices on Twitter, Facebook and our company blog continue to help us engage our customers and build excitement for our brand.”
— Amanda Pence, Oakshire Brewing

Eugene Beer Week 2012

Eugene-Beer-WeekCraft breweries, bottle shops and pubs from around the Eugene/Springfield area came together in 2012 for the 2nd Annual Eugene Beer Week. With over 40 events happening during a one-week period, a lot of information needed to be listed on the event website and publicized through social media.

Through meetings and regular check-ins with key figures, I was able to curate event information and post content to Eugene Beer Week’s WordPress-powered website. I also maintained the event’s Twitter and Facebook profiles, updating both in-the-moment and scheduling updates to strategically promote events.

The end result? Area craft beer fans knew exactly where to go to be in the know for all things related to Eugene Beer Week. Event information motivated attendance and had the details people needed to get to the right place at the right time. We built greater momentum and awareness around the event, to establish Eugene Beer Week as an anticipated part of the area’s craft beer scene.


Project Date: 2012

Client Comments

“Eugene Beer Week brings together people from all over Oregon to celebrate a week of all things craft beer. With more than twenty participating breweries and venues and over forty events, it would have been impossible for me to maintain adequate web presence on my own. Anthony kept our website and other social media tools current with time-sensitive content. Anthony was key in updating our Twitter feed and Facebook page with relevant, engaging updates. He did a kick ass job! I look forward to working with Anthony again.”
— Mike Coplin, Eugene Beer Week Founder and Founder/Owner of 16 Tons Taphouse & Cafe

Divine Proportion Pilates Studio

Divine-Proportion-Pilates-StudioIn a competitive industry, how do you talk about your services in a way that makes you unique and appeals to the right prospects? For the Divine Proportion Pilates studio, the answer was simple: convey not only the services, but the studio’s underlying ethos and philosophy. This led to the creation of the “Beyond Exercise” tagline, around which we developed all the website copy that the client used to attract new business through her flagship website.

Through research and interviews with the client and her graphic designer, plus a thorough understanding of the scope of the website, I was able to understand all aspects of the business and services being promoted. From here I efficiently crafted effective brand messaging, a website/business tagline and website copy that met the client’s needs and appealed to her desired customer base. The copy for the website homepage and all inside pages works together to convey not only the services offered, but the personality and philosophy of an instructor who fits the customer’s needs and style.

Through this potent combination of copy and design, the studio now has an online presence that stands out and appeals to the right potential customers.


Project Dates: 2010

Client Comments

“I wanted to make sure that customers knew what made me unique from other body workers. Anthony worked hand-in-hand with me and my graphic designer to understand not only the services I provide, but the philosophy and ethos that underlie those services. By doing that, he provided copy that was just what I needed to appeal to the right clients.”
— Bethany Clemen, Owner, Divine Proportion Pilates

CHIEF Public Safety Equipment & Apparel

CHIEF-supplye-Commerce & Digital Marketing

Police officers, firefighters and emergency medical personnel are busy people—but they also have to take time to get the gear they need to perform their duties. During 7 years as the Web Editor for the USA’s 2nd-largest national distributor of public safety equipment, I grew e-commerce sales and increased online marketing conversion.

Growing Web-Based Sales & Online Marketing Presence

As part of the e-commerce and digital marketing team, I worked directly with the Director of e-Commerce & Digital Marketing, the VP of Merchandising and the VP of Sales. We grew online sales year over year, increased targeted lead generation for our inbound sales center and gained national recognition for the company by developing and promoting specialty niche content and services.

As part of my core duties, I maintained and managed all product content in an e-commerce database of 47,000+ SKUs from 300+ vendors. I increased customer satisfaction and retention by writing compelling website copy optimized for search engines (SEO) such as Google, Yahoo! and MSN/Bing. I also expanded the company’s online marketing presence by deploying Twitter, YouTube and Facebook profiles, managing content posting schedules and attracting thousands of followers. In addition to managing email and social media marketing, I implemented day-to-day content strategy, seasonal online promotions, email marketing collateral, transaction/auto-reply emails, affiliate marketing and SEM/PPC campaigns.

Big Picture

Along with day-to-day website operations, there was always the bigger picture to focus on too. I worked closely with the team to decrease website operational costs and increase online-generated revenue through design, navigation, content and technology efficiencies gained over two website redevelopment cycles, as well as by implementing in-house style guides that standardized in-house content and web development.

The end result? A powerful e-commerce presence with effective copy, strong search engine performance, and user-friendly design and content.


  • 2007 Multichannel (MCM) Award, Silver, Business Specialty Products Website
  • 2009 Outstanding Achievement Award


Project Dates: 2004-2011

Client Comments

“Anthony is a conscientious and efficient web-content editor who employs multiple work tools to maintain a high level of work output, generating positive and actionable organizational results. Anthony thrives on working within the web medium and is a pleasure to work with.”
— John Procopio, Director of Digital Marketing & e-Commerce, CHIEF

Food Writing, Travel Writing & Other Projects

I’ve traveled to over 10 countries, and my wife and I even gave our son a passport for his first birthday. Whether at home or abroad, food and cooking are two other great joys of my life. Whether writing food articles, travel articles or developing other kinds of print content, online content or web marketing, I approach each project and assignment with gusto, experience and expertise.

Food & Drink Feature Articles

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