The key to Wander

You would not believe some of the conversations that happen between editors and authors. For a 264-page book, during the copy editing and proofing of Wander my editor and I went back and forth multiple times on about 250 words. At question? The first couple of pages of the very first scene. I had edited … Read more

Sneak peek of Wander, the next Rucksack Universe book

“How did you know it was my birthday?” asked Wander. Sitting behind his desk at the front of the hostel, the elderly proprietor looked up from his computer and smiled. “Your passport,” he replied. “Twenty. A wonderful year. A time when many things may change.” Wander smiled back. The past five years had been nothing … Read more

Free Rucksack Universe Fiction: Stars in your beer

From The Lost & Found Travels of BS Trotter Originally published in London Rising Okay, we all know that after a couple of pints you can, well, see things. But for Londoners they were not expecting to see strange things in their beer. I want to make a distinction here: they are seeing strange things … Read more

Free Rucksack Universe Fiction: Brewing School Launches in London

From The Lost & Found Travels of BS Trotter Originally published in London Rising BrewSchool has opened in London, England. Focused on “brewing brewers,” the teaching operation will train prospective professional brewers in all aspects of the beer industry. Areas of training include developing recipes; the brewing process; equipment selection, ordering, installation, and maintenance; finances … Read more

Who is Faddah Rucksack? – 100 Days to Forever

Day 6: 95 Days till FOREVER THE ROAD “I’m Himalayan by birth, Irish by fortune, and myself by choice.” So far in the Rucksack Universe, we’ve met folks like Jake Hongkong, Jay the world’s greatest traveler, Aisling the Awen of Ireland, and Declan. And, along with a wee cameo in Home Sweet Road, in The … Read more

He was smiling as he did it

Today’s Oneword: Aperture He was smiling as he did it, she thought, anger and disgust flooding her. Through the camera she looked, twisting a dial to change the aperture. “Bet you never thought anyone would see you doing this,” she said softly, then snapped the picture. More postcards from the Rucksack Universe » See this … Read more

But who is he?

Today’s Oneword: Colonel “But who is he?” “He’s just himself.” “Come on, a man like that, he must have known command, leadership. Colonel, general, admiral, boss, mayor, king, come on, what?” “He has no title. None who he leads know that he leads. That is why he is so effective.” More postcards from the Rucksack … Read more

You may have to improv

Today’s Oneword: Improv “You may have to improv,” she said, trying not to look down. “Surely it’s not that strange a situation,” he replied. “I’ll grant you that you’re probably not the first person to try to cross a border while not wearing pants,” she said. “But completely naked? I’m pretty sure that’s a new … Read more

It wanted out

Today’s Oneword: Mechanism The little hollow cube shouldn’t have been so heavy. There was no mechanism to open it, no crack or seam to suggest that it had been assembled. The cube was as natural as the sun, not made but there. It was hollow, but something was inside. And it wanted out. More postcards … Read more

The guru shuddered

Today’s Oneword: Meanwhile The motorcycle stood at the edge of the cliff. Meanwhile, the guru looked up from his desk in his high tower in London. The woman took off her helmet and stared north. The guru shuddered. The woman started the engine. It’s a long way from Tibet to England, she thought, but I’m … Read more