Wireless pirate

Saturday afternoon is americano time at my favorite cafe, Perugino. I’m heading to Roseburg in a couple of hours, but first, some coffee and a little quality time with a CSS book and a site I’m working on. The CSS is giving me a headache — I’m having a hellish time wrapping my mind around … Read more

Coffee, Google and Eugene

What’s the next big deal for search… and for a coffee drinker who needs a fix in an unfamiliar town? Now granted, in the Pacific Northwest that’s no problem. A town might 20 people and no stoplights, but there’ll be an espresso stand. At least one. Not everyone is that lucky though, and for them or for anyone who’s trying to figure out something locally, Google is upping the search ante with their new local search (currently still in beta).

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So It Begins

If you’re interested in books, travel, writing, food, coffee and quirky perspectives on the world, then you’ll find something here worth sticking around for. AntSaint.com is…