June Fantasy Book Pick: AMERICAN GODS Released 14 Years Ago

One of the USA’s top fantasy books, Neil Gaiman’s American Gods was released 14 years ago in 2001. It’s a tale of mythology, and of a man just trying to get by and redeem himself after being released from prison—and after abruptly becoming a widower. American Gods remains one of Gaiman’s most popular and acclaimed … Read more

Travel fantasy stories: new Rucksack Press blog

Road trip! Travel fantasy stories from Rucksack Press » When it comes to globetrotting, you can always do with a good book. After all, when you’re riding a rickety bus around windy mountain roads for 10 hours, a good book can at least keep your mind off whether or not you’ll go from a slow … Read more

The trials and travails of writing travel fantasy novels

If my pen were a match, it would be wet This is not a day where I’m fired up to write a new scene, delve deep into a character, or get into the mystery and nuance of the plot, all the while subtly laying groundwork for the crucial twist at the end of the story. … Read more