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Unearthing the origins of Firefox

Get Firefox!Will Firefox take over the web?
Ben Goodger has worked with AOL’s Netscape division and is now the lead engineer for Mozilla Foundation’s Firefox. He answers some great questions:

Unearthing the origins of Firefox | Newsmakers | CNET

Some interesting questions with interesting answers:

  • Here’s a question coming from your blog. "Sept. 17, 2004, Market Dominance: Netscape had it by being first. Microsoft has it by being everywhere. Firefox will have it by being best. We’re coming." Do you really expect market dominance?
  • What are some other things about Firefox that you think make it inherently safer?
  • How does Mozilla compete in a Longhorn [codename for the next version of Windows] world–assuming that it ever gets here?
  • Tell me how Microsoft’s decision not to release any more standalone IE versions affects Mozilla.

I’ve harped on it before, I’ll harp on it again: Get Firefox
Firefox is an awesome browser. It’s free. It’s safe. It’s fast. IE is a junked-out Pinto compared to this sporty newbie.

Firefox released its latest version 1 month ago. If you aren’t one of the 4.4 million people who have already downloaded it, do yourself a favor and get it.


Firefox beats million-download deadline

Now and again, a quality product actually does get the popularity it deserves. "Released six days ago, the first preview release of the Firefox 1.0 Web browser passed the million-download mark early in its fifth day," says this article:

Firefox beats million-download deadline | CNET

What does this mean for IE? For proprietary software? I won’t reflect on it here; there’s a million other sites splitting hairs and pixels on this right now. But I will say that an alternative browser gaining not just geek popularity, but mainstream popularity, means that we’re seeing the start of a shift in computing, software, and who the dominant players are.


Firefox (Internet Browser)

Get Firefox!

So what?
Firefox is worth a go if you want to browse the internet with a program that is… Free. Secure. Fast. Customizable.

Even though Firefox is only in it’s 1.0 Preview Release, it is not perfect but it’s better than IE, and a much better browser for you to use.

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Firefox drawing fans away from Microsoft IE

Fast, safe, secure and free — with all the issues that have slammed IE, this CNET article is no surprise. BTW, as of 9:29am PST today, Spread Firefox has estimated over 502,000 downloads. The 1.0 Preview Release only came out Tuesday, folks. Firefox is getting downloaded faster than Britney Spears can get married.

Firefox drawing fans away from Microsoft IE | CNET

“Open-source browsers Mozilla and Firefox have won over a significant number of defectors from Microsoft’s Internet Explorer in the past nine months, Web site metrics suggest.”


Updated Firefox extentions – The Extensions Mirror

If you’re trying to trick out Firefox 1.0 Preview Releases, you might have noticed that the usual extension areas aren’t all up to date. It was driving me nuts, because I didn’t have my Google toolbar anymore. This alternative site, however, is more up-to-date on extensions, and you can grab 1.0-friendly versions here:

Updated Firefox extensions – The Extensions Mirror

Excuse me while I Google…


Spread Firefox

Get Firefox!Kinda like make love, not war, man — only it’s browse Firefox, not IE.

Volunteers sought for Mozilla preview push | CNET

Want to help Spread Firefox?
(From Mozilla, the "maker" of Firefox. They want to see if they can achieve 1,000,000 downloads of Firefox… in 10 days. As of this posting, they had already topped 100,000.)

Update: as of 8:45pm, Sept. 15, there were over 312,000 estimated downloads.


Kill IE and get a real browser – Firefox 1.0 Preview Release

Get Firefox!Firefox 1.0 – released Tues. Sept 14 – download a way better browser than IE
There’s a lot of geek-speak out there about browsers. To put it simply, you should switch from IE to Firefox because it is safer for your computer and your data, and because it’s just plain well bloody good for you.

Don’t like security holes? Hate popups and annoying blinking crap that you wish you could kill off a webpage? Ever think, "If IE were a car, it would be a shitbox Pinto!" Then checking out Firefox is for you.

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