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Eclipse Sale & Getting ready for the eclipse

Eclipse Sale on Forever the Road Anthony St. Clair

What are you doing for the eclipse?

In case you’ve missed it before, I’m a bit of a nerd. So after a summer of traveling, watching Once Upon a Time, doing Roadsong notes with Chief Reader and outlining another Rucksack Universe book, camping near Crater Lake with my cocktail group, and taking my kids to a gamelan performance and an art museum, it’s time to get ready for the total eclipse on Aug. 21.

As an Oregonian, I’m taking no small amount of pride in the fact that Oregon is the place for prime eclipse viewing. The Oregon coast is where the total eclipse first hits North America. Local authorities statewide are expecting a million visitors. Eclipse events have sold out. Despite wildfires and our notoriously cloudy weather, the forecast is clear skies. Eclipse glasses at the ready, my family and I are camping with friends up in the Coast Range.

I’ve also been geeking out on Atlas Obscura, one of my fave resources for Rucksack Universe story research. If you’re looking for some eclipse history, ideas, or inspiration, here are a few pieces you might want to check out from Atlas Obscura and onwards:

Wherever you’re going, whatever your plans are, and however much totality you get to witness, I hope you have a great—and safe—time watching the eclipse.

Eclipse Sale

An eclipse is also a key part of Forever the Road. So with the eclipse coming up, in addition to my own eclipse viewing prep, it just made sense to have an Eclipse Sale on Forever the Road. This is a great time to get some eclipse-themed viewing for yourself or someone you know:


The regular price for paperbacks is $15.99. But… during the Eclipse Sale signed paperbacks are $11.99 when you order from my author store.

Forever the Road Signed Paperbacks

Want the entire series? The Rucksack Universe Signed Paperback Bundle gives you all 4 books currently in the series, but for only $39.99 instead of the usual $49.99:

Rucksack Universe Signed Paperback Bundle


Forever the Road e-book editions are $0.99 at all retailers, including:

Direct from my author store


Apple iBooks



Barnes and Noble

Black Friday & Cyber Monday Fantasy Book Savings!

Travel to a new world of myth and adventure

Oh my oh my how I’ve been looking forward to this. If you’ve been planning to get the Rucksack Universe for someone on your gift list, there’s no better time than now to save big on e-books, signed paperbacks, and book bundles! These Black Friday savings are good through Nov. 30, so you can save all weekend and on Cyber Monday too!

Author-Only Savings

During Black Friday, you’ll save the most when you order directly from my secure author store at Selz.

99¢ e-books

$2.99 e-book bundles (includes formats for Kindle, Nook, Kobo, iBooks & more!)

FREE US shipping on signed paperbacks*

$25 signed paperback bundles (save big off the combined cover price of $33.97) + US FREE Shipping*

* For all non-US paperback orders through my store, shipping is $30 per order

99¢ E-books

Over Black Friday, all Rucksack Universe e-books are only $0.99 each at my store, Amazon, iBooks, Kobo, Barnes & Noble Nook, and more.

>> Get the Universe at Black Friday Savings < <

FOREVER THE ROAD nominated for 2016 Oregon Book Award

60 fiction books are being considered for 2016 Oregon Book Awards

FOREVER THE ROAD is one of 60 novels being considered for a 2016 Oregon Book Award.

Oregon Book Awards finalists will be announced early next year, and winners will be announced at the Oregon Book Awards Ceremony in spring 2016.

Cross your fingers…

Source: Books Submitted to the 2016 Oregon Book Awards | Literary Arts

$0.99 sale ends Oct. 15

99¢ FOREVER THE ROAD Birthday Sale

99¢ FOREVER THE ROAD Birthday Sale

Quick reminder: The Forever the Road 99¢ e-book sale ends Oct. 15. Thank you to everyone who has purchased and told people about the sale!

Get Forever the Road for 99¢ wherever you get e-books—and please keep telling your friends about the sale:

Direct from the Author at Selz




NEW: Get Rucksack Universe e-books from your library with Library Journal, BiblioBoard & SELF-e

A new library-focused partnership from Library Journal and Biblioboard

Get Anthony St. Clair e-books from your library with Library Journal SELF-e Select

Some good news came in to the Rucksack Press world headquarters this week. A while back I submitted all 3 of my books—The Martini of Destiny, Home Sweet Road, and Forever the Road—to a new e-book service for libraries, SELF-e, from Library Journal and BiblioBoard.

SELF-e - e-books for libraries, powered by Library JournalI love libraries, and my family and I are big supporters of our local Eugene Public Library. (We were even part of an early literacy public awareness video campaign.) Making my e-books  widely available in libraries is a big deal to me. I use my library to find books I want to buy, as well as for research for my stories. Having my e-books available for free to readers through libraries is part of giving back to the public and to the library.

My books are part of SELF-e curated collections. They’ll be featured selections shared with subscribing libraries all over the US on BiblioBoard Library. The first Library Journal SELF-e Select collections are expected to be available to libraries this month, making them available to readers nationwide.

Oregon readers and Oregon libraries looking for Oregon authors can also find my books in SELF-e’s Indie State module as a “highlighted selection.” SELF-e is also updating their GoodReads group with selections.

See you at the library!

FOREVER THE ROAD, on the road

With zero apologies to Keroauc. 

Kat took FOREVER THE ROAD to the Oregon Coast this weekend:

“At the coast (“company retreat” in a gorgeous beach house), in my Poler napsack, reading a novel from an old Eugene friend (now dreaming of India and a good stout).”

Who Gets #100? Last Signed, Numbered Paperback of FOREVER THE ROAD

Forever the Road paperback stack Anthony St. Clair

Speaking of Forever the Road turning 1 year old, I only have *1* signed, numbered copy left, #100 of 100. Signed numbered copies are available only from me. So, who wants #100?

See my online store to order signed paperbacks »

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99¢ FOREVER THE ROAD Birthday Sale

Happy 1st Birthday FOREVER THE ROAD!

Forever the Road paperbacks in a box

99¢ e-book birthday sale »

One year ago, my third book, Forever the Road, was released. It is my biggest book to date, and perhaps the best. It is, I hope, a sign of things to come with the Rucksack Universe.

So now through Oct. 15, all e-book editions of Forever the Road are on sale for $0.99, instead of the usual $4.99. That’s through Amazon, direct from me, from Kobo and iBooks, you name it. Here’s a list of stores (and links for the paperback edition too).

A year on, I’m getting the fourth book ready for release. More and more people are finding their way to my wee world—a trend I certainly hope continues to increase.

Thank you so much for all your support, kind words, reviews, and more during this journey. Writing and publishing have always been their own strange, winding adventure. I’m glad to have such good companions along the way.

99¢ e-book birthday sale »

P.S.>> Please tell your friends about the sale and the Rucksack Universe!

Rucksack Universe E-books Now Available from Google Play

Get it on Google Play Books

All Rucksack Universe e-books now available on Google Play!

Fan of Google Play? Now you can get all Rucksack Universe e-books from Google Play »

‘Nuff said.

November News: Baby Marvelous, Lotus, Quality, Ethics & New Author Interview

November! Autumnal temperatures. Dark beer. And lots and lots of writing. It is chilly in Eugene today, but thanks to my wife’s incredible knitting skills, I am cozy warm in one of my hand-knit man sweaters. Here’s a man sweater selfie, plus news of the latest in my wee world:




Drafting continues on the fourth Rucksack Universe travel fantasy book, codenamed Lotus. I only have a few scenes left to draft in Act 1. Everything I’ve drafted so far is with my Chief Reader. As of this post, I’ve written about 60 pages, not bad for a book I only started writing at the end of October.

Baby Marvelous St. Clair


Our due date for Baby Marvelous St. Clair was Nov. 13. No baby yet, but all is well. Jodie and I are enjoying some one-on-one time with our son, and are just overall keeping things moving toward meeting our new child. Once baby arrives, there will be posts. Oh my will there. Thank you for all your good thoughts and support.

Book Quality & Author Ethics

I Adhere to ALLi’s New Code of Author Ethics

I'm an Ethical Author

Pro authors care about quality & ethics. Here are my commitments to both: &

Given all the paid-review, plagiarism, and various other writer scandals out there, sometimes it’s easy to believe that authors are a bunch of scoundrels. Personally and professionally, I try not to be lying jackass. Quality and truth mean a lot to me; they’re part of why I love running my own business as an author, copywriter, and publisher.

As you may know, I’m obsessive about the process I bring to writing and producing my books. (If you don’t know that, here’s my 15-step process for story & publishing quality: To that end, I’m elated that the Alliance of Independent Authors (ALLi), of which I’m a proud member, has released its Ethical Author guidelines.

As a quality-minded, professional, ethical indie author-publisher, I am committed to upholding these standards in everything I do. That’s not just because it matters to me, but because ultimately, it means better books for you.

You can see my own Author Ethics page here:

New Author Interview at Highlighted Author

Highlighted Author features Anthony St. Clair

Over at Highlighted Author, the wonderful Jo and Charlene were kind enough to feature me and Forever the Road in a new book excerpt and author interview.

We are excited to welcome Anthony St. Clair to the Highlighted Author. From business writer to fiction writer, Anthony shares his rich experiences as a world traveler in each of his books. Hope you enjoy this feature on his newest release, FOREVER THE ROAD, A Rucksack Universe novel! –Jo Grafford, Highlighted Author Co-Hostess

Check out the full interview here: Highlighted Author » Welcome, Anthony St. Clair!

That’s the news from the Rucksack Universe, where the beer is always fresh, all the locals are friendly, and the food never makes you sick.


Anthony St. Clair - Travel Fantasy Author / Craft Beer Writer / Business Copywriter

Author and copywriter Anthony St. Clair has specialized in online content since 2000, blogged since 2004 and is the author of the Rucksack Universe travel fantasy series.

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