Guinness Clone Homebrew: Creating Galway Pradesh Stout (GPS), Version 1.0

“Jay took a draw off his pint. ‘Wow, that is the best pint of GPS I’ve ever had.’ He took another long quaff.” — Home Sweet Road Ah, Galway Pradesh Stout. There’s nothing quite like the ol’ GPS, the #1 beer of the Rucksack Universe. But there are a few other stouts that may be considered … Read more

3 Rules in Search of Galway Pradesh Stout

It’s a hard life, creating a universe. When your wee world has a beer so rich and vibrant that it’s a character all its own, you have to find out what that beer is like in real life. With my work, homebrewing meets fantasy fiction, and there are 3 rules for searching out one beer … Read more

Riffing on a picture of braised chicken

“Rucksack grimaced at the bottle of Newcastle Brown Ale on the counter between them…” While in a food writing workshop at the Willamette Writers Conference, we had to write something based on a photo we looked at. At right is a (rather crappy) photo of the magazine page I worked from. Below is what I … Read more

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