Last night at East Coast midnight, this pre-order e-book showed up on my Kindle. Oh hell yes. After years of work and 100 days to forever, my third book, Forever the Road, is available now in e-book and paperback. You can get Forever the Road wherever books or e-books are sold. Here are a few … Read More

News from the Universe: Book Giveaway, Craft Beer & More

Throughout May I’ve been really focused on finalizing the manuscript for Forever the Road (more on that Saturday, May 31—I’ve got a big announcement). This month I’ve hardly blogged and might as well have been a ghost on social media. I also had a few days where my wife was out of town, so it … Read More

Less Leather. More Beer. The Invention of BeerPunk – Sword & Laser Podcast

It was so much fun talking with Tom and Veronica on the Sword & Laser Podcast, in which we discuss… being on the forefront of a new genre involving beer and travel… the secret for planning a book with one word… and how urban fantasy needs fewer leather pants and swords, and more beer and … Read More

The Thursday Interview + Home Sweet Road Sale

New Interview » The good folks at The Thursday Interview had 10 questions for me about the Rucksack Universe, travel, writing, love, destiny, and more. The Thursday Interview: Anthony St. Clair, author of HOME SWEET ROAD » HOME SWEET ROAD E-book Sale Continues » In other news, the HOME SWEET ROAD Kindle e-book sale continues … Read More

Beer, Travel & Writing: #StoryDam Author Chat, Apr. 10

E-book giveaway too Beer, travel, Home Sweet Road, writing, the Rucksack Universe, and more—I’ll be chatting with authors and the awesome travel blogger Tui Snider from Story Dam Apr. 10, 2014, starting at 8 p.m. ET / 5 p.m. PT. We’ll be chatting on Twitter at the #StoryDam hashtag, but you don’t have to have … Read More

New Interview: “Indie world travel changed my life”

Many thanks to the great folks at You Read It Here First for our recent chat: “When it came time to figure out the stories I needed to tell, things began taking shape when I knew the stories would revolve around travel. But when I understood that travel was just a means to an end, … Read More

Beerpunk, Travel, Fantasy & More: Sword & Laser Hangout

Yup, this happened. Beerpunk, travel tips, fantasy, making fantasy and travel work together… and more. Here’s Tom and Veronica from The Sword and Laser talking with me about the Rucksack Universe, Home Sweet Road, travel, and Forever the Road. (If you subscribe to the podcast, I believe this will also go out on there sometime … Read More

Sword & Laser Author Interview, Wed. Mar. 19, 2014

[UPDATE: This interview originally was going to be Mar. 18, but had to be rescheduled for Wed., Mar. 19, 4pm PT.] If you aren’t familiar with it already, The Sword & Laser is a wonderful online book group for science fiction and fantasy readers. The hosts, Tom Merritt and Veronica Belmont, lead online discussions, have … Read More

Craft Beer & Homebrew Articles

When it comes to craft beer and homebrew, I bring expertise, experience and passion to every assignment, no matter the topic or length. Lead Features & Cover Stories The Hottest Coolest Cooler Around, p. 12, Oregon Beer Growler, October 2015 edition Infographic: Tip-top taps – Tastings – The Register-Guard – Eugene, Oregon Tapped into technology … Read More

Oakshire Brewing

New beers. Expansions. Events. For today’s craft brewery, the beer never stops pouring, and there is always something new to tell customers about. Founded in 2006, Eugene-based Oakshire Brewing had a company blog and maintained presences on Twitter and Facebook. However, the company was entering a new phase of growth, and they wanted to be … Read More

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