Amongst the Monkeys

A Day at Arashiyama Monkey Park, Kyoto Follow the adventure: The Tokyo Toddler Our first day in Kyoto dawned bright and lovely. We thought about all the walking we’d done over the last few days, and decided the flat, not-much-walking-required area of Arashiyama would be perfect. So I don’t know what then possessed us to … Read more

This Is Not a Trash Can

Follow the adventure: The Tokyo Toddler “I don’t know you,” Jodie said, holding her hand over her face as I walked back over to where we were waiting for our train. “What are you talking about?” I replied. “I’m talking about all the Japanese people wondering why the white guy is taking pictures of a … Read more

The Family in Kyoto

Follow the adventure: The Tokyo Toddler Not only was Kyoto bloody chilly, we’d realized that Connor’s fleece jacket had somehow never made it to the Portland airport with us. But maybe a new jacket was just a 5-minute walk away. After surviving the tantrum on the train and arriving in Kyoto, we had a couple … Read more

Colorado in Kyoto

Follow the adventure: The Tokyo Toddler We passed by this Cafe Colorado Espresso place during our first wandering afternoon in Kyoto. We’d considered finding our way to a big shrine that on the map looked nearby, but in reality was much farther away than we really felt like walking. Sadly, we didn’t get around to … Read more

Macadamia Nuts & Crunchy Cheese

Follow the adventure: The Tokyo Toddler We first encountered these ridiculously delicious Australian snacks on our Shinkansen ride from Tokyo to Kyoto. Crunchy cheese and macadamia nuts. I’ve never seen them before. I probably shouldn’t ever see them again, because I never, ever, ever want to stop eating them. More Tokyo Toddler

Shinkansen: The Quiet Bullet of Japan

Tokyo to Kyoto on the Shinkansen Bullet Train Follow the adventure: The Tokyo Toddler If only the incredible bullet trains of Japan were a cure for toddler tantrums. We’d ridden many a train already. The speedy and overall smooth Narita Express. The clean, efficient local Tokyo trains of the Japan Rail and Odankyu lines. But … Read more

The Tantrum on the Train

Follow the adventure: The Tokyo Toddler The trouble with a toddler’s tantrums is that you just can’t get a good picture. That’s not to say a full-on, whole-body, eardrum-shattering scream-and-thrash fest doesn’t make for a striking photo. Quite the contrary. Hell, some of Connor’s tantrums deserved a storyboard and a film crew. No, the trouble … Read more

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