After I bought everything he had

Today’s Oneword: Selling I don’t normally buy much. There’s so much to buy, that I could wind up moneyless in a day. But when this bloke came around selling, well, I shouldn’t even tell you what he was selling. Not here, like this. But when he came around, and he showed me what he had, … Read More

The strangest thing has been the new television

Today’s Oneword: Television The strangest thing has been the new television. They were unheard of here until a couple of years ago, but now I see them more and more. The people seem listless now, instead of the vibrancy I saw on my first trip here. I don’t yet understand the allure of watching someone … Read More

Once a village that was nearly destroyed

Today’s Oneword: Defended This city was once a village that was nearly destroyed. Long ago, it’s said. Something that could have ruined the world, all life as we know it, all life at all. The place was barely defended. But they fought it back. They must have, anyway, because we’re all here. More 1-minute glimpses … Read More

As if they were suns themselves

Today’s Oneword: Irreverent The temples shine in the sun as if they were suns themselves. Though the rest of the place is dirty, and smells like an outhouse that hasn’t been mucked out in centuries. Which in some ways it is. I don’t mean to sound irreverent, this city is everything I thought it would … Read More

My dad and I built a sandcastle

Today’s Oneword: Sandcastle “When was the last time you were at the beach?” he said. “I was nine,” she replied. “My dad and I built a sandcastle.” “You haven’t been back to the beach in twenty-five years?” She shook her head. “After the sandcastle, he had a heart attack and fell on it. He died. … Read More

They’re not employees, they’re disciples

Today’s Oneword: Disciple “My employees are devoted,” he said. She stared down from the high windows, so far above the streets of London. The people stood so still, staring up, waiting, hoping. Waiting for him. “They’re not employees, they’re disciples,” she said. More 1-minute glimpses into the Rucksack Universe » See this entry on … Read More

The smoke alarm rang

Today’s Oneword: Toaster She flung the blackened squares into the trash and twiddled the dial of the toaster. “Surely one will do it,” she said. “It’ll barely toast.” She popped two slices of bread and the rest of her hope into the slots. The nutty, warm scent of toasting bread filled her nose. Then it … Read More

He looked at the ticket

Today’s Oneword: Knee The thing about the backpack was the ever-present sense of wearing a house. The straps cinched around him, so tight that breathing was difficult. His shoulders sagged under the weight. And his left knee, that he had popped out of joint when he was thirteen, beckoned to him with a dull, constant … Read More

The burning sun blazed at the canopy

Today’s Oneword: Canopy The burning sun blazed at the canopy, angry at not being able to redden the skin of the people beneath. In front of them, the white sand stretched to the deep blue of the sea, where gentle waves approached the shore, gently, quietly, as if approaching a king. “Bloody tropics,” he said. … Read More

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