An imaginary line

Today’s Oneword: Barricade A barricade blocked the border. Beyond it, he saw the rolling hills and lush fields of the country beyond. They were identical to the rolling hills and lush fields he now left behind—and yet each was not the same as the other. All it takes to make two different worlds, he thought, … Read More

Just like your mama used to make?

Today’s Oneword: Oil He tossed the noodles into the vegetables and pork, then drizzled sesame oil over the final dish. “Just like your mama used to make?” she asked. He chuckled. “I don’t think my mom even knew sesame seeds could be oil,” he replied. More 1-minute glimpses into the Rucksack Universe » See this … Read More

Every country was in his face

Today’s Oneword: European Every country was in his face, Asian and European, American and Australian. In the sun he seemed darker; in the dim lights of the pub at evening, darker. For all the years they had wandered together, not once had he ever looked the same. And not once had he ever, ever, looked … Read More

How many borders have you crossed?

Today’s Oneword: Border “How many borders have you crossed?” she asked. “Back and forth, one time only… probably around seventy-five,” he said. “Give or take. There was one I think I just kept walking beside, instead of ever really crossing. But that mountain moonshine is also pretty potent stuff, so I also could’ve been in … Read More

No light like eastern light

Today’s Oneword: Eastern There was no light like eastern light, no haze like the sun through the thin air over the Tibetan Plateau as it shone over the endless brown ridges stretching out below them. She stood next to the motorcycle and set her helmet on the front of the sidecar. “You look like you … Read More

The pints were lined up like a squad

Today’s Oneword: Squad The pints were lined up like a squad, ready for whatever the night would bring. Behind them, she set up another row, bringing the total number of pints to twelve. “How many people are you expecting tonight?” he asked. She chuckled, and nodded to the man in black at the far side … Read More

A grubby old warehouse

Today’s Oneword: Incubator “Don’t think of it as a grubby old warehouse down by the waterfront,” he said, unlocking the heavy steel door and swinging it open. Inside, bright white lights covered the ceiling in light. People bustled around the vast space, and everywhere was the hum of new ideas taking form in the world … Read More

Where he stood was the center of London

Today’s Oneword: Cinematic The city stretched out beneath the tall building, and not for the first or last time, he wondered if where he stood was the center of London. The cinematic spread of the city still impressed him, as he wandered the circumference of the round, windowed room at the top of the building. … Read More

They had been ever unfaithful to the seasons

Today’s Oneword: Unfaithful They had been ever unfaithful to the seasons. The way they grew and bloomed, defiant of the snow and the chill, defiant of the weak sun. They never had the right, but they had taken it anyway. And now he moved, free at last from the ground and the roots. The blossoms … Read More

The beer is warm but the fires are cold

Today’s Oneword: Brisk “Ah, the brisk Irish morning air,” he said. “Why do you have a country where the beer is warm but the fires are cold?” She put more peat on the fire. “Because we have our priorities straight. Make a cuppa tea and quit whining.” “Don’t get me started on tea.” “Actually, that’s … Read More

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