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What Is Eugene A Go-Go?

So you live in the Eugene/Springfield area. You love checking out the arts and lit community. How can you connect with artists, authors and more, and also find cool events? Enter Eugene A G-Go. Created by the Arts and Business Alliance of Eugene (ABAE), Eugene A Go-Go helps build connections between patrons, artists, producers and … Read More

On the Radio, Nov. 30

Voice for print? No worries! Turns out I’ll be discussing writing and more on an upcoming radio show… Throughout November, Eugene’s All Comedy 1450 AM Radio is featuring artists who use the Eugene A Go-Go website to promote their works and events. On Sat., Nov. 30, the show’s theme is writing, and I’ll be on … Read More

Eugene’s Silicon Shire: The tech (and beer) are better here

It’s a common lament that there are no jobs in Eugene, especially no tech jobs. Many people think they have to go to Seattle, Portland or San Francisco to find a job in the tech sector. And you know what? They’re wrong. “I’ll take the Silicon Shire over the Silicon Valley” Eugene got tired of … Read More

Social Media Tool: Hootsuite

Whatever your field, you need good tools. A carpenter needs a hammer. A cook needs a chef’s knife. And if you do anything related to social media, you need HootSuite. HootSuite is a service and app that helps you manage, schedule and monitor your social media presences. Have a Twitter account and Facebook page? You can view those … Read More

2 Pluses of Google+

In August I attended the Willamette Writers Conference in Portland, Oregon. My goal this year was to continue evolving my marketing chops, especially when it came to the not-really-new, ever-more-important, still-not-really-understood Google+. Boy howdy did I come away with some knowledge. Google+ is powerful, growing and engaging. Plus, you know, it’s Google. Here are 2 … Read More

When You Love Something, Get Involved

Dozens of things happen behind the scenes at my Author World Headquarters, but I don’t talk about it. To me it’s like having friends over and talking about how you just swept and vacuumed the house. Sure, we do these things, and people know we do these things (in fact, I really need to vacuum … Read More

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