Eugene craft beer release: Be the first to try the Ninkasi/Elysian Hopsquash Pumpkin IPA at 16 Tons

Hopheads meet Pumpkinheads tonight, Sept. 21 at 16 Tons Cafe Elysian & Ninkasi Hopsquash Pumpkin IPA Release Party The 16 Tons Cafe at Woodfield Station, South Eugene, is the place to be tonight if you want to be the first to try an unusual beer. This is the time of year when hops and pumpkins … Read more

Eugene Craft Beer: Wild Ale Fest at 16 Tons

70 wild ales on tap at the 16 Tons Taphouse, Apr. 28 & 29 Beer goes wild Apr. 28-29 with 70+ wild ales at 16 Tons. Get puckered with Lambic, Flanders Red, Oud Bruin, Sasion, American Sour Ales, Berliner Weisse, Gose, beers with Brett, and more. New collaboration beer unveiled 16 Tons also will unveil … Read more