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Small Business Saturday: thank you (and a special!)

A lot of folks might not necessarily think about it this way, but indie authors are also small businesses and small business owners. We get up every day and go to work. We get it done. And we do it to put amazing stories into the world that folks like you are looking for, whether … Read More

October 2018 writing report

By the numbers, during October I wrote 42,513 words, at an average of 1,371 words per day. I wrote every day, which put my writing streak at 381 days in a row as of Oct. 31. October’s scribbling puts me at 446,558 words for 2018—on track for 500,000 words for the year. Those 446,558 words … Read More

It’s here: WANDER, the next Rucksack Universe novel!

Wow oh wow oh wow. For years this idea was in my head. Now it’s here. Follow the Black Road, yall. WANDER is out now, worldwide, in e-book and trade paperback. Here’s how to get your copy Become a $5+ patron Apple Books Amazon Kobo Books2Read Paperbacks also available from your favorite physical or online … Read More

The things we might write home about

Every choice leads to another decision. So does not choosing. We all come from somewhere. Are going somewhere. We all look back sometimes and marvel at how far away it all is. Where we came from. Where we might go back again. What will it be like? What will we be like? Or maybe it’s … Read More

The bridge from what we already know to what we don’t know yet

Stories are mirrors that show us who we are, have been, and might be. Every decision is also an option turned away from. What is one choice compared to the infinity of all possibilities? What is the infinity of all possibilities compared to one choice? Stories simulate what could be so we can make what … Read More

The things not explained

Life is a chance. A decision and a destiny. Every moment and pause, every inhale and exhale. Yes or no. We go where we go. We follow who we follow. Sometimes we ask why. Sometimes we just go. Always there are questions. Sometimes there are answers. Mostly, there are things not explained. Yet on we … Read More

Get WANDER, the next Rucksack Universe adventure

Things are trucking along well for Wander. Over the past few weeks, I’ve set up ISBNs, done some other behind-the-scenes things, and am about to set up and start getting print copies (squee!). Are you ready for the next Rucksack Universe adventure? Wander will be released in e-book and paperback on Oct. 19, 2018. However… … Read More

The key to Wander

You would not believe some of the conversations that happen between editors and authors. For a 264-page book, during the copy editing and proofing of Wander my editor and I went back and forth multiple times on about 250 words. At question? The first couple of pages of the very first scene. I had edited … Read More

The time and place of Wander

“Do you have a phone on you that I can use?” asked Wander. “Or maybe wifi?” “Phones have cords and wires and are in buildings,” said Awen, “and I’m nobody’s wife.” “Not wife. Wifi. Wireless. It’s for the internet.” “Enter what net? Are you supposed to be fishing?” “No… look, it’s 2018,” said Wander. “How … Read More

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