The Martini of Destiny: Now Available in Paperback

I love that new book smell. I’ve been breathing it in ever since getting the first proofs of the trade paperback edition of The Martini of Destiny. And now, after much ado about printing and after many requests to bring this urban fantasy novella to paperback, I am so, so stoked to give you what … Read more

Tomorrow, the Paperback. Here’s the Cover Now.

It’s almost here. Tomorrow, Dec. 10, the trade paperback edition of The Martini of Destiny will be available at Amazon, Createspace, and bookstores online and all over the world. In the meantime, here’s the full cover for you (click for a larger version):

Beyond the Pin: A Small Taste of Hong Kong

Over on The Martini of Destiny Pinterest Board, there’s this photo (outlined here in red): A street more clogged with little red top van-taxi-things than New York City is with yellow cabs. Bright signs that I can’t read, hanging between buildings. A sense of much going on in a very compact space. It’s a street … Read more

Home Sweet Road FAQ

Rucksack Universe Novella Q&A Now and again folks send questions about my Rucksack Universe series, and about my upcoming new novella, Home Sweet Road. To put off writing another scene of Home Sweet Road I figured it’d be easiest to answer your questions in a quick post. If you have a question about Home Sweet … Read more

Special Feature Q&A: The Martini of Destiny, Written Not Stirred

People have begun asking various questions about The Martini of Destiny, the Rucksack Universe, and shop-talk-type-stuff such as my writing process. I’ll try to answer some of your questions here. Have a question? Ask away » Where did you get the idea for The Martini of Destiny? It began with the title, which dropped into … Read more

Special Feature: The Aw Boon Haw Gardens of Hong Kong

Surrounding you are the hills and tall buildings of Hong Kong, but in the Aw Boon Haw Gardens, you don’t think you’re in Hong Kong anymore. At least, that’s how you’d feel if the Gardens were still there. Created by Aw Boon Haw, inventor of the herbal ointment Tiger Balm, the Aw Boon Haw Gardens … Read more

Special Feature: Who Is Declan?

The Doubting Man In need of direction and plagued by doubts, Declan comes to the pub for what he knows to be “the best drinks in Hong Kong“: a martini made by Jake Hongkong. Declan faces a difficult decision—but it’s nothing compared to what happens to him in The Martini of Destiny. “I’m no great … Read more

Special Feature: The Independent City-Nation of Hong Kong

Enter This Week’s Free E-book Giveaway » Excerpted from Guru Deep’s Hong Kong Through the Third Eye (coming soon from Third Eye Deep Press, a subsidiary of Deep, Inc.) The world’s only Independent City-Nation, Hong Kong is an economic, political and cultural global power. The rise of the “World’s Greatest City” can be traced back … Read more

Friday Bonus Special Feature: The Drink That Changed the World

“If God created man, then who on earth created the Martini?” — Salvatore Calabrese, Classic Cocktails Whether it’s James Bond’s shaken-not-stirred vodkatini or the cast of Mad Men drinking their lunch, the martini is not just for TV and movies. Legend and myth obscure this pivotal cocktail’s origins, but one thing stands clear: this drink changed … Read more

Special Feature: Who Is Jake Hongkong?

Bartender. Best Drinks in Hong Kong. Destiny Slinger. Jake. He’s the man behind the bar in The Martini of Destiny, the barkeep behind your choices and your fates, but just who is Jake Hongkong? “Jake turned away from the bar and its view of the pub, and instead examined the bottles on the shelves lining … Read more