After the Alarm: a sneak peek of THE LOTUS AND THE BARLEY

Want a sneak peek of THE LOTUS AND THE BARLEY? Over the next few days I’m pulling back the cover so you can have an exclusive taste of the 4th Rucksack Universe adventure. THE LOTUS AND THE BARLEY comes out June 16. Preorder today from: The book will also be available in trade paperback. Through … Read more

Black Friday & Cyber Monday Fantasy Book Savings!

Oh my oh my how I’ve been looking forward to this. If you’ve been planning to get the Rucksack Universe for someone on your gift list, there’s no better time than now to save big on e-books, signed paperbacks, and book bundles! These Black Friday savings are good through Nov. 30, so you can save … Read more

NEW: Get Rucksack Universe e-books from your library with Library Journal, BiblioBoard & SELF-e

A new library-focused partnership from Library Journal and Biblioboard Some good news came in to the Rucksack Press world headquarters this week. A while back I submitted all 3 of my books—The Martini of Destiny, Home Sweet Road, and Forever the Road—to a new e-book service for libraries, SELF-e, from Library Journal and BiblioBoard. I love libraries, … Read more

Birthday Sale! 99¢ Martinis & Win a Book

Happy Birthday to The Martini of Destiny! Two years ago this month, The Martini of Destiny came into the world. Since then the original e-book has been joined by a paperback edition, two more books, and a new cover. Sometimes I can still hardly believe that after so many years of hand-wringing and paralysis by … Read more

Rucksack Universe E-books Now Available from Google Play

Fan of Google Play? Now you can get all Rucksack Universe e-books from Google Play » ‘Nuff said.

Eugene Readers: The Rucksack Universe is at Tsunami Books

Eugene/Springfield readers, if you’re looking locally for my books, you can now find all 3 Rucksack Universe books on the shelf at Tsunami Books, 2585 Willamette St., Eugene (541.345.8986). Each copy of The Martini of Destiny, Home Sweet Road, and Forever the Road is dated, signed, and numbered too. Have at it, folks. Support your … Read more


One year ago today, my first book, The Martini of Destiny, came into the world. Amazon alone now has 16 ★★★★ and ★★★★★ reviews. BTW, if you haven’t reviewed Martini yet, please take a moment to review the book at your favorite store. Even a sentence or two is a big help. Thank you! So … Read more

Win a Signed Book thru June 30

Happy Birthday to THE MARTINI OF DESTINY! In June 2013, The Martini of Destiny came into the world. Now, one year later, after a paperback edition, a second book, and a third book on the way, it’s time to celebrate the first birthday of the first Rucksack Universe book. Goodreads Book Giveaway! So… now through … Read more

News from the Universe: Book Giveaway, Craft Beer & More

Throughout May I’ve been really focused on finalizing the manuscript for Forever the Road (more on that Saturday, May 31—I’ve got a big announcement). This month I’ve hardly blogged and might as well have been a ghost on social media. I also had a few days where my wife was out of town, so it … Read more

Less Leather. More Beer. The Invention of BeerPunk – Sword & Laser Podcast

It was so much fun talking with Tom and Veronica on the Sword & Laser Podcast, in which we discuss… being on the forefront of a new genre involving beer and travel… the secret for planning a book with one word… and how urban fantasy needs fewer leather pants and swords, and more beer and … Read more