Eugene Magazine: Two days in Florence

One thing I love about living in Eugene is that you are about an hour from the Cascade Mountains to the east, and an hour from the Pacific Ocean to the west. Florence, OR, is a nice spot for a weekend getaway to the coast, and I had a lot of fun breaking down some … Read more

Barely breathing on the roof of the world

About 14 years ago, I was barely breathing on the roof of the world. I’d been on an indie traveler tour, overlanding through Tibet in Land Rovers, watching yaks, talking with people in their villages, and seeing a part of the world that, even today, is still a hard place to get to and get … Read more

Travel Florence: Eugene Magazine, Spring issue 2018

Eugene Magazine is a lifestyle quarterly that I have written for regularly for a few years now. The Spring 2018 issue just came out, and I have an articles in there on traveling to Florence, a nearby city on the beautiful Oregon Coast. Check out the spring issue

Beyond the Pin: A Small Taste of Hong Kong

Over on The Martini of Destiny Pinterest Board, there’s this photo (outlined here in red): A street more clogged with little red top van-taxi-things than New York City is with yellow cabs. Bright signs that I can’t read, hanging between buildings. A sense of much going on in a very compact space. It’s a street … Read more

Travel fantasy stories: new Rucksack Press blog

Road trip! Travel fantasy stories from Rucksack Press » When it comes to globetrotting, you can always do with a good book. After all, when you’re riding a rickety bus around windy mountain roads for 10 hours, a good book can at least keep your mind off whether or not you’ll go from a slow … Read more

The trials and travails of writing travel fantasy novels

If my pen were a match, it would be wet This is not a day where I’m fired up to write a new scene, delve deep into a character, or get into the mystery and nuance of the plot, all the while subtly laying groundwork for the crucial twist at the end of the story. … Read more

You’ll See

Ten years ago, I moved to Oregon. I'll be reflecting on that throughout 2010. "I'm moving to Oregon," I said in 1998 to my friends and family in Virginia. "Well, sometimes you have to get used to disappointment," some said. "You'll see." I moved to Oregon in 2000 and have lived here ever since. "That's … Read more

Near death at Everest Base Camp

One of my friends, Erik, nearly died at Everest Base Camp. It was Oct. 20 — also the 1-year anniversary of his round-the-world trip. He was at 5200m, about 17,000ft. At that altitude anything can happen to anyone. In his case, Erik’s “cause of death (would have been): high altitude pulmonary edema, high altitude cerebral … Read more

36 hours in Bend, Oregon

Bend stopped being a secret some years ago; if I remember correctly, the population has gone from about 50,000 to 63,000 during the past 5-6 years alone. Bend is one of my favorite places anywhere, much less Oregon. It was also the catalyst behind my decision to move from Virginia to Oregon in the first … Read more