Food article: It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Beer… Giving Beer and Chocolate for the Holidays

Why does Valentine’s Day get all the chocolate fun? This holiday season, pair beer and chocolate for events and gifts! Out now in the December issue of the Oregon Beer Growler, and thanks to Bonnie from Euphoria Chocolate Company for the tasty insights! Full story: It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Beer… Giving Beer … Read more

400 days of writing in a row

400. It’s such a cool number. A little more than a year. 400 years ago, in 1618, Johannes Kepler discovered the third law of planetary motion. Noblemen in Prague started a revolution by throwing some folks out a window into a pile of manure. But fast forward to 2018, and I’m thinking about 400 for … Read more

Business article: Gmail Add-Ons That Will Boost Your Productivity

Things that have transformed my productivity: Gmail’s Canned Responses. I use these to save and use templates for queries, book sales, and such. Trello for Gmail. Jodie and I use Trello for managing my content and other projects. Trello is making a lot of things more organized so I don’t have to try to keep … Read more

Business article: How to Stop Email From Slipping Through the Cracks

So. Much. Email. I struggle with getting back to people too. Working on pieces like this gives me new tools and ideas I can put to work to do a better job on my inbox, and I hope this business article helps you with your backlog too! Full story: How to Stop Email From Slipping … Read more

October 2018 writing report

By the numbers, during October I wrote 42,513 words, at an average of 1,371 words per day. I wrote every day, which put my writing streak at 381 days in a row as of Oct. 31. October’s scribbling puts me at 446,558 words for 2018—on track for 500,000 words for the year. Those 446,558 words … Read more

Beer & pizza article: New Haven-Style Pies, Northwest Brews

Had such a good time meeting the folks at Eugene’s The Wheel Apizza Pub. Great pizza & refreshingly tasty, approachable, yet different craft beer. ➼ ➼ ➼ Check out their profile in the August 2018 Oregon Beer Growler

Rucksack Universe update: Wander nearly ready, new manuscript underway

Last week I did something I’m so excited to tell you about. I signed off on the copy-edited manuscript of Wander. Yup. That’s right. My copy editor and I had some final discussion about a few points, I made some last tweaks and polishes, then told him we were good to go. What’s next? I’m … Read more

Video: Where do book ideas come from?

On Mon., June 4, 2018, I had the fun honor of sitting in for a YouTube Live author chat, hosted at Eugene local bookstore Tsunami Books. Write Now is a weekly live discussion with three writers: Joanna Bartlett, Valerie Ihsan, and Julie Dawn. Joanna was out of town, and they graciously asked if I would … Read more

How to have a 200-day writing streak

As of May 3, I’ve written every day for the last 200 days, averaging about 1,400 to 1,600 words per day. On May 3, 1,500 words in the outline for my next Rucksack Universe book put me over the hump. Writing takes many forms for me. Sometimes it’s outlines and drafting for fiction. Sometimes it’s … Read more

Free Rucksack Universe Fiction: Stars in your beer

From The Lost & Found Travels of BS Trotter Originally published in London Rising Okay, we all know that after a couple of pints you can, well, see things. But for Londoners they were not expecting to see strange things in their beer. I want to make a distinction here: they are seeing strange things … Read more

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