Copywriting services

Anthony St. Clair delivers quality copy and online marketing on time, on message and on budget.

As an independent writer and editor, Anthony St. Clair helps start-ups and small/medium organizations become more profitable by crafting clear, concise and effective sales and marketing messages in websites, email marketing, social media and other information-delivery mediums. As a published writer, Anthony also contributes articles on a variety of subjects to trade and consumer publications.


You can learn more about Anthony here, and see previous work in this portfolio.

It’s simple: Saying the right thing means everything.

What that means for you is that Anthony does what it takes to make sure we are getting across the message you need, for your intended audience. With over 10 years experience as an online writer and editor, Anthony works fast and clean, with accuracy and passion for copywriting in websites, email marketing, social media and other content mediums. That means we can talk over your needs and then get it done.

Saying the right thing means everything, because getting the right message across makes your life easier, your organization more profitable, and your objective achieved.

What copywriting and editing costs

Every project and every organization is different, and so is the pricing for each type of project. Please email Anthony with details about your project, and you’ll get a free estimate.

Typical estimates include the following:

  • Writing, editing and revision: Anthony will deliver a refined draft that we can polish for you once you’ve reviewed it.
  • Drafts and versions: A typical copywriting or editing project includes up to 3 revisions, as needed.
  • Proofreading: Anthony polishes writing for grammar, spelling and structure, so you don’t have to.
  • SEO: Online content includes keyword use and best practices for search engine optimization (SEO)

We’ll talk through your specific needs. Your estimate will reflect what you need, no bells and whistles.

What you won’t get from me

Anthony brings you his best at writing and editing, along with a knowledge of XHTML/HTML and CSS. Web design, graphical work, web hosting and programming are not his areas of expertise, but he’s happy to work with graphic designers and programmers to get your project done.

Get in touch today

Let’s get that right message across and help your organization meet its goals. For questions, more information and/or your free estimate, please email:

Thanks for your time!