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I create compelling fiction and non-fiction for a curious world.

If you’re new here: Hi, I’m Anthony St. Clair. I create compelling fiction and non-fiction for a curious world full of everyday discoveries, endeavors, and surprises. Since 2000 I’ve worked in online content, and I’ve been a full-time independent writer since 2011. I am the author of the ongoing Rucksack Universe series; cover craft beer, food, business, entrepreneurship, and more for various publications; and am a copywriter and content manager for select clients. When not at my desk or in my kitchen in Eugene, Oregon, I’m on an adventure with my wife, son, and daughter.

Writing streak

Over this past weekend, my son hit a huge milestone for his violin practice:

300 practice days in a row.

Yup. Every day for the last 300 days, he’s practiced his violin.

He’s 6.

I brought up my son’s practice streak at a writing and publishing master class a while back. One of the instructors pointed out that if my son could make a streak, so could any of us.

Point taken.

2017 had some ups and downs in my production schedule. However, as I examined my data on how much I could write, the writing goals I’d like to be hitting, and how long it took me to write a decent bunch of words, I realized that I had absolutely no excuse for having a day that didn’t also have writing.

Starting in November, I’ve been writing at least 1,200 words a day, every day.

2018 writing so far (as of Feb. 14, 2018)

  • Goal for 2018: 420,000 words (up 70,000 from last year’s goal of 350,000 words; 35,000 words per month)
  • Stretch goal for 2018: 500,000 words (42,000 words per month)
  • Writing streak, beginning November 2017: 122 days so far
  • Average words per day: 1,532
  • Words written in January: 50,835

Those new words range from outlines and fiction drafting, to articles and copy written for clients. There’s the occasional internal writing too, such as some words I got down before working on this to go over things I need to redo and reconceptualize on my website.

2018 writing:

  • Goal: 420,000 words for the year (plus a Stretch Goal of 500,000)
  • Monthly target: 35,000 words per month
  • Daily target: 1,200 words minimum per day
  • February so far: 20,170 words (as of Feb. 14)

Excited for Black Panther

When one of my friends saw Wonder Woman, she told me later how amazing it was so see a woman, on the big screen, being so on-her-own, unabashedly, completely, bad-ass.

I’m wondering if there will be a similar sense for people when they watch Black Panther:

Review: ‘Black Panther’ is dazzling grand-scale filmmaking | Entertainment | Eugene, Oregon – The Register-Guard

I dabble in superhero movies and shows. They’re something I enjoy… somewhat. Of late I’ve been finding them a bit stale. Big powers, big fight scenes… yawn.

But Black Panther. There is so, so much more going on here that just a superhero movie, and I’m excited to see this come to the big screen.

Submitting Rucksack Universe short stories

One of my new goals for 2018 and beyond is to get rejected—and published—by the finest short fiction markets. I’ve got one rejection already, and immediately sent the story to another publication.

Can’t wait to tell you about my next rejection. And first acceptance.

Speaking of short fiction, if you’re trying to figure out getting your short fiction published by different markets, I highly recommend this book:

It’s not a craft book. It’s all the business side, and I’ve found it invaluable.

Rucksack Universe stories

I’m using short fiction to dive more into other parts of the Rucksack Universe. Develop different characters, and share other aspects of characters we’ve already met. Currently I’m working on some stories about Aisling, the Awen of Ireland we met in Home Sweet Road. There are things in her origin story I’ve been expanding on, and I’ve outlined and am working on lots of stories about her.

Filing and publishing articles

I filed 9 articles in January. Here are articles published over the last few weeks:

Disrupting an Industry Takes Not Just Tech, but a Human Touch | LivePlan Blog

How Data Can Drive Your Business Growth | LivePlan Blog

Two New Breweries Bring Innovation to McMinnville and Beyond | Oregon Beer Growler, February 2018

Flavor matchmakers | Food | Eugene, Oregon – The Register-Guard

What’s your story?

Always intrigued by other people’s stories, so feel free to email me:

I typically update what I’m doing NOW about once a month, more if merited. Most recent update: February 15, 2018.

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