Forever the Road

A SELF-e & Library Journal Fantasy Best Book 2015!

Forever the Road, a Rucksack Universe travel fantasy novel by Anthony St. Clair, Rucksack Universe
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A Rucksack Universe Novel

Their entwined fate becomes his impossible choice.

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A strange eclipse looms above India’s city of the smiling fire. When an ancient evil awakens, the world teeters on a razor’s edge of life and annihilation. Rootless globetrotter Jay wanted Agamuskara to be just another place he visited, but the strange object in his backpack has other ideas. In the global secret order of Jakes and Jades, destiny-changing Jade Agamuskara Bluegold stands above the rest, all the while keeping up appearances as the humble proprietor of the Everest Base Camp Pub & Hostel. However, she struggles to untangle the terrible future she foresees and to ignore her doubts about her past choices. Despite themselves, both Jade and Jay befriend the evasive, stout-quaffing Faddah Rucksack—a man without a destiny who seems determined to direct their own. As fires rage in a land of ash, a backpacker, a bartender, and the world’s only Himalayan-Irish sage become trapped between their entwined fate and an impossible choice.

Part of The Rucksack Universe Series

FOREVER THE ROAD is a captivating page-turner in Anthony St. Clair’s Rucksack Universe. If you like Neil Gaiman, Terry Pratchett, or Octavia Butler, you’ll love this ongoing fantasy series of globetrotting intrigue.

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Guru Deep Says

“Agamuskara shares its name with the river that runs through India’s holiest city, which is also its unholiest. While no records survive to tell us when Agamuskara was founded, local lore maintains the area was settled by the first people to come to the Indian subcontinent. History also does not explain why the city and the river should be named what, in the Hindi, translates as ‘smiling fire.’ This mystery, the delights of daily life and Indian culture, and the unrivaled drinks at the Everest Base Camp Pub and Hostel continue to attract travelers from all over the world.”

India Through the Third Eye

Book Details

LCCN: 2014910700

Trade Paperback

  • 458 pages
  • 5.25″ x 8″
  • ISBN-13, 978-1-940119-09-0
  • ISBN-10, 194011909X

Kindle Edition

  • ASIN, B00MQ9HH4U
  • ISBN-13, 978-1-940119-07-6
  • ISBN-10, 1940119073

Smashwords and .epub Edition

  • ISBN-13, 978-1-940119-08-3
  • ISBN-10, 1940119081


FOREVER THE ROAD - 2015 Self-Published E-book Award Winner from SELF-e and Library Journal

Fantasy Best Books 2015 Honorable Mention, SELF-e & Library Journal

“Fans of travel, fantasy, and beer will circle around this story. Matching Indian lore with universe building reminiscent of Terry Pratchett, St. Clair’s tale will make readers reconsider fate.” – Kristi Chadwick, Library Journal’s Self-Published Ebook Awards

“Great concept, fun characters, and beautiful writing”

“Over the years I’ve built a certain level of expectation for small press and self-published books: A good chunk of them are just flat-out bad; most of them are entertaining stories, if you can just overlook a couple of flaws; and a very very few of them are highly enjoyable reads that surprise the crap out of me. Forever the Road left me completely gobsmacked. Great concept, fun characters, and beautiful writing. It’s a high-stakes story, told with wit and compassion…. In the end, Forever the Road’s Everest Base Camp is a pub that ranks right up there with Callahan’s and the White Hart as classic science fiction bars.”

Nth Degree (full review on p. 6 of Nth Degree Oct.-Dec. 2014, issue #25)

“I was immediately hooked”

I was immediately hooked into this story, and remained so until the very end – and even after the end. St. Clair has a way with language that brings the reader into the story and holds them there with every sight, smell, sound, and feeling. For example, on page 225, St. Clair writes, “The scent of chickpea dough, fried in nut oil, had pulled Jay by the nostrils to the man’s cart.” This is just one of many simple, yet powerful sentences used throughout the story. Even better, this wonderfully artistic use of language is not splattered here and there, with some great sentences appearing in the midst of ordinary ones, rather they are woven seamlessly into the language of the story (without the common appearance of one trying too hard). This shows a mastery St. Clair has that many have attempted to possess but do not….

This book is officially one of my favorites, and St. Clair is now one of my favorite authors. This book left me wanting more in the best possible way (wanting more to read and wanting a sequel) and I truly cannot wait to read more of St. Clair’s books.

Official Review, Online Book Club (see the full review here)

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