People to Meet

From locals and expats to endless wanderers, the Rucksack Universe is full of interesting people. Here are a few of the folks you may meet on the road.

Faddah Rucksack

Answers to “Rucksack” and “free beer!” Himalayan by birth, Irish by circumstance and himself by choice. You never know when you’re going to run into the world’s only Himalayan-Irish sage, but odds are a pint and some trouble are involved. Only drinks stout, because you just can’t trust anything else in a glass to help you see clearly.

Jakes and Jades

Ask a bartender his name, and betchyer pint that name is Jake. Unless her name is Jade. The world’s best bartenders serve up the world’s best drinks—and a little something else.

Jake Hongkong

A quiet man with a tight smile, Jake doesn’t have an easy time as the longest-serving Jake or Jade. Sometimes he thinks he’s seen too much, done too much and influenced too many. The stone he rolls between his fingers, his one reminder of home, is the only thing that keeps his thoughts from getting too dark and keeps the enormity of his tasks from crushing him.


Some say he couldn’t find a pint in a piss-up. Some say he’s the world’s greatest traveler. No matter where, he’s been there. He’s got the t-shirt, even if it’s misspelled. If you haven’t met him, you’ve heard of him, probably from some outlandish travel story told by someone in the hostel common room.

Guru Deep

Open Your Third Eye in Half the Time™! The man in the orange suit is also on the cover of the latest business magazine. The head, heart and chakra of the transnational corporation Deep, Inc., the Guru built an evangelical self-help empire of travel guidebooks, breweries, and DIY enlightenment books… amongst other things. Always in the office, always on the road—and always under Rucksack’s skin.

Concertina Box

On the road, so get off her back. She’s trying to travel lighter by getting a chip off her shoulder, but it keeps turning up. Do not ask what her necklace is made of.


Never ever ever ever ever wanted to travel. Then he got really good at his job, so they started sending him all over the world—and then all sorts of things started happening. Really doesn’t like looking in the mirror.


If the hostel she runs is the Eighth Wonder of the World, then the secretive redhead could be the Ninth. Only eats porridge for breakfast, but wherever she goes, people say you can smell Asia, or get that feeling on your skin like lightning is about to strike next to you. Strange since she never talks about anything except living in Ireland.

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