Agamuskara, India & The Agamuskara River

Photo: Ryan

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“No written records survive to tell us when the city of Agamuskara was founded,” says Guru Deep’s iconic guidebook, India through the Third Eye. “Local lore maintains that the city was founded by the first people to settle the Indian subcontinent.

The city and the river share the same name, ‘Agamuskara,’ though history also does not tell us why they should be named what, in the Hindi, translates to ‘smiling fire’.”

Agamuskara, India

Older than Varanasi, dirtier than Calcutta, and harder to understand than it is to seduce Khajuraho’s erotic temple carvings, Agamuskara is a city of mystery. Located between Bihar and Jharkhand states in India’s upper east side, the city of Agamuskara is said to be both the holiest and the unholiest city in all India.

“If people go to Varanasi to die,” says Faddah Rucksack over a pint of stout, “they go to Agamuskara to live. What’s holier than that?”

Fair enough, though usually it’s the thousands of tourists and travelers visiting the city each year who have earned Agamuskara its marks for “unholiest.”

The Agamuskara River

The Agamuskara River flows into the Ganges, one of the world’s most vital spiritual rivers. Some say the Agamuskara does not flow into the Ganges at all, but merely intersects it as the Agamuskara continues northward toward the Himalaya Mountains.

Said to be the only river in all of current physics that flows towards mountains, many also speculate that the Agamuskara is a secret path to the Heart of the World, said to still exist in the heart of the Himalayas.

Usually this is as far as anyone gets before Jade takes their drink away.


Image – Ryan