Through the Third Eye Guidebooks

Photo: Globe - Hanne Johansen -

“The world is not just the world we know from our eyes, ears, noses, tongues and hands. The world extends beyond what we perceive with our rough imperfect senses. Are you a traveler who transcends tourist? Are you willing to live more than the trip? Will you live the world itself? Then you will experience all things not just through the senses but through living, breathing, being. It will be as if all the world has opened a third eye, the eye of the soul, and all life can be made plain and clear as day.”
— Guru Deep, CEO, President & Chairman, Deep, Inc.

Through the Third Eye guidebooks show you far more than the best places to go and things to do. Sure, we cover that in our bestselling, award-winning guidebooks. But we don’t stop there. When you make a Through the Third Eye guidebook your traveling companion, you’ve also gotten a ticket to see the world beyond the world.

Available wherever fine travel books and guidebooks are sold, Through the Third Eye travel guidebooks are published by Third Eye Deep Press, a subsidiary of Deep, Inc.

  • Brazil Through the Third Eye
  • Cambodia Through the Third Eye
  • Hong Kong Through the Third Eye
  • India Through the Third Eye
  • Ireland Through the Third Eye
  • London Through the Third Eye
  • Thailand Through the Third Eye
  • The Blast Through the Third Eye

Photo: Globe – Hanne Johansen