Home Sweet Road

HOME SWEET ROAD, a Rucksack Universe Travel Fantasy Novella
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A Rucksack Universe Novella

The world’s fate hangs on one untested woman.

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156 pages

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For centuries the Awen’s duty has passed from woman to woman: guard the three relics from those who would control the world. But no threat has come to Aisling’s hostel door at Ireland’s western edge, and the newest Awen has yet to prove herself. Then Jay and Tiran arrive shortly after a more powerful relic has vanished from The Blast Memorial in the ruins of Galway. Now Aisling wonders who she can trust: her mentor Jake Connemara, or the two travelers she both suspects and is drawn to. The time of Aisling’s test has come. If the Awen fails, one of these men will bring the world to a terrible fate.

Part of The Rucksack Universe Series

The Rucksack Universe is the exciting world of wit, adventure, and beer that fans call “buoyant with a unique humor, twist and focus on international travel,” and “perfect for fans of Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman.” Enjoy this ongoing, non-sequential urban fantasy travel fiction series wherever e-books and books are sold.

Guru Deep Says

“The hills of the Twelve Bens whisper long-lost secrets that pass through the town of Clifden and sail their dreams and messages across the Atlantic Ocean to the rest of the world. Located at Ireland’s western edge, Clifden is the unofficial capital of Connemara. A little over an hour’s drive from New Galway, on your way you’ll meander through scenic boglands, and you can visit The Blast Memorial in the ruins of Galway. An Irish legend speaks of great power and otherworldly beings in Clifden, but today’s globetrotter comes to hike the Twelve Bens and to enjoy the hospitality of the Eighth Wonder of the World Hostel. Be sure to visit The Salt and Crane for an Irish breakfast, the best pint of Galway Pradesh Stout west of Dublin, and the daily (and nightly) live music sessions.”

Ireland Through the Third Eye

Book Details

Trade Paperback

  • 156 pages
  • 5.25″ x 8″ x 0.4″
  • ISBN-13, 978-1-940119-06-9
  • ISBN-10, 1940119065

Kindle Edition

  • ISBN-13, 978-1-940119-04-5
  • ISBN-10, 1940119049

Smashwords and .epub Edition

  • ISBN-13, 978-1-940119-05-2
  • ISBN-10, 1-940119-05-7

What Fans Are Saying

★★★★★ “Lucky for me this book’s a novella, because it would have been a late night. I picked it up one evening just to see how the book started out. Sometime later that night I finished it, and knew that the next night I had to go back to the beginning book in the series I’d meant to read first. Home Sweet Road is a delightful read, especially for those who love to travel—even if only in their armchairs.”

★★★★★ “A wonderful addition to the Rucksack Universe and a great follow up to The Martini of Destiny. A truly enjoyable read.” More reviews at Amazon »

★★★★★ “Anthony St. Clair’s rucksack travels from the alleys of Hong Kong to the ‘soft, green-brown hills of the Twelve Bens’ of Ireland in this thrilling novella where he introduces us to Aisling, the Awen of Ireland. The one woman who stands between three powerful ancient relics and two men, one of whom would take them. Will she succumb to heart or to duty? As is his wont and strength, Anthony seamlessly combines quirk, wit, travel, and magic in this tale of power, greed, ego, and love that features marvelously evocative writing that makes you want to hunt down some stout and an Irish breakfast. A wonderful and most enjoyable addition to the Rucksack Universe!” More reviews at Amazon »


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