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In 2010, the local paper asked Anthony if he would write an article about a brewpub. Today, Anthony has published hundreds of articles on craft beverages, food, business, and travel, with a range of print and online publications.

Anthony delivers clean copy on time (and often before deadline). Editors know that working with Anthony means their jobs will be easier.

Anthony has become one of our most valued freelancers. His writing always is on target for our audience; his knowledge of craft beer and food always infuses his work on those topics with a well-informed confidence; his clean and well-researched submissions always require very little editing; and his vibrant voice always shines through in his storytelling.

The mark of quality in writing is sometimes hard to define, but always easy to appreciate. Anthony’s writing always bears that mark, and I’ll always welcome his words in our publications.
— Joel Gorthy, Special Publications Editor, The Register-Guard


Anthony has published hundreds of articles in a range of online and print publications. Here are few examples:

Craft beer

Claim 52 Brewing stakes out sweet spot | Tastings | The Register-Guard

Falling Sky Certified as Environmental Steward | Oregon Beer Growler

Embrace the darkness | Tastings | The Register-Guard

A Garden For All Seasons – Eugene Magazine

Mite vs. Mite: Controlling Hop Pests Sustainably | Oregon Beer Growler

Guardians of ‘beer geekery’ | Tastings | The Register-Guard

Two New Breweries Bring Innovation to McMinnville and Beyond | Oregon Beer Growler

Best way to savor beer: clear glass, open mind | Tastings | The Register-Guard

Anthony writes with the clarity and charm that appeals to our readers, and he produces professional copy that appeals to his editor.
— Gail Oberst, Oregon Beer Growler

Craft beverages

Distinctive glass for distinctive wine | Tastings | The Register-Guard

The World of Sake – Eugene Magazine

Local spirits are on the rise | Tastings | The Register-Guard

Between beer and mead, behold braggot | Tastings | The Register-Guard


Flavor matchmakers | Food | The Register-Guard

A Taste of the Forest – Eugene Magazine

Master the Charcuterie Board |

8 Tips for Ordering Gluten-Free at the Office | ZeroCater

Making the Perfect Breakfast Bowl |

9 Healthy Snacks to Help You Kick Your Vending Machine Habit | ZeroCater

Made in Eugene – Eugene Magazine

Learn Best practices For Handling and Cooking Meat |

11 Energy Boosting Foods for Breakfast | ZeroCater

Eugene Magazine showcases the beauty and bounty of our part of the Willamette Valley. Anthony’s craft beer writing and food articles get to the heart of the best of Oregon, and his pieces are always thorough, clean, and well-researched, making my job easier.
— Amanda Bedortha, Editor, Eugene Magazine


The Winds and Whales of Winter – Eugene Magazine

The Top 5 Healthy Lunch Spots in Austin, TX | ZeroCater

U-pick Utopia – Eugene Magazine


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Will Catered Meals Boost Your Company’s ROI? | ZeroCater

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If you’re seeking a writer that consistently turns in work on or before the deadline and makes edits in an extremely timely fashion, Anthony is it. With each pitch I send his way, Anthony delivers. He has written with expertise on everything from uses for leftover cooking grease to charcuterie basics and wedding registry etiquette. He has a great feel for what the client is looking for and is always willing to brainstorm visual ideas. Most importantly, Anthony is a good-natured guy who makes it easy to build a great rapport with over email.
— Nicole McDermott, Communications Editor, Ghergich & Co.

Other topics

How to Create a Wedding Registry |

What to Do With Used Cooking Grease |

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